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Mrs. G was able to travel with me this week on my Ohio preaching trip.  She had another MRI three weeks ago and the doctor told us the spine is still deteriorating and there is really nothing that can be done.  She has good days and bad days.  The good ones are when I am gone while the bad ones are when I am home! Ha!

I will be preaching at the HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH just outside of Columbus, OH, in Canal Winchester tomorrow and Monday.  Dr. Tracy Fowler is the pastor. This is a soul winning church with a heart for people. I will be preaching Sunday am and pm.  Also, there will be a Monday night service at 7 pm.  If you are in the area please stop by.  The services are always exciting.

The INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CONFERENCE is coming to the Atlanta, GA, area on October 28-30, 2012.  I hope you will place those dates on your calendar and plan on being with us.  There will be classes taught on Tuesday morning from 9-11.  Classes for pastors, staff, ladies, laymen, youth, and children.  

Pastor Terrill Hopkins who pastors the HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH of Locust Grove, GA, will be the   host pastor.  If you have not had a chance to visit this great church you must put that on your list of things to do.  I believe Pastor Hopkins is one of the great unkept secrets in independent Baptist circles. They have a beautiful new auditorium and have been blessed with many souls coming to Christ. This is the place where old time religion still lives.

If you will go to the end of this email and click on “read more…” you then can subscribe to make sure you receive the BLOG consistently.   I trust the BLOG is an encouragement to you.

Have you visited INDEPENDENTBAPTIST.COM yet? Please do so and subscribe to the newsletter.  The articles are superb and thought provoking.  From time to time there are video clips of the great men of God from the past.  It is really exciting to not only hear these men preach, but to watch them preach.

Also, take advantage of this new web site and advertise your church or ministry.  Very simple to do just click on “advertise” and it will lead you to someone who will even help you put an ad together. GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

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