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LBT Wednesday Night
I retired March 1, 2009, as pastor of LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE of Longview, TX.  My wife has had 34 surgeries and is in poor health.  I felt she was my number one responsibility.  Thus, I entered into a new phase of writing books, conducting conferences, providing consulting to local churches, and continuing my preaching around the country.  

I have written 31 books with the latest WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING being by far the best seller of them all. Thousands have been sold and only a few remaining of the first printing. PARENTING SKILLS is the number two best seller followed by BITTERNESS and DEALING WITH PERSONAL CONFLICTS.  You can go to SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM to look over all of my books and order them through that web site.

The JUST A THOUGHT series volumes I – IV  are available in ebook form on SMASHWORDS.COM.  JUST A THOUGHT volumes V – X will be posted soon.  Just enter Bob Gray Sr. and you will see the books.  Kindle has not yet put them all on line, but we are assured they will in the near future.  Now, they are just about all put into ebook form on SMASHWORDS.COM and Kindle.


My schedule is booked solid for meetings. However, sometimes I am able to attend the Wednesday night Bible study at LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE and on one occasion I was able to preach for my son Dr. Bob II on a Sunday. The Sunday I preached the building was full both downstairs and in the balcony.  Recently in their annual push on Easter week end the people led 1,800 souls to Christ and baptized 373.  The church is as strong if not stronger than ever!  

I am often asked how Dr. Bob II is doing and my response is always GREAT because it is GREAT!  There are some who are hoping for some strange reason that LBT will not stay aggressively after souls and continue to grow.  I cannot understand that mind-set.  I pray for growth even among those who do not like me! Of course, to know me is to love me! Ha! 

Recently, a preacher said to my son in a pathetic voice baptized in a  depressed pathos, “I hear things are not going very well.”  WHAT?  It was if he were hoping that things were deteriorating.  Non-sense! We need every soul winning church to continue to win souls regardless whether we like each other or not. I applaud any independent Baptist church who stays by the inspired KING JAMES BIBLE and after the unsaved! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

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