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Words cannot express our gratitude to all of you for your prayers. R. G. went through his 24th surgery yesterday and is in ICU for a couple of days for them to keep an eye on him.  Bob and Kelly are beat, but excited that everything went well.  I have a picture of him after surgery, but Mrs. G. forbade me to put it on the BLOG.  I want you to know I am the head of my house, so there will be no picture. Ha!

Bob took the midnight shift and Kelly took the day shift so pray for them for strength.  This is a tough enough thing let alone the fact that it is your own child. Mrs. G and I are very proud of Bob and Kelly.  They are a blessing.  I will keep you updated about R. G.  He will turn 21 on May 7th and has a dog named Tanner waiting for him when he comes home.  He also has a job waiting for him once he recovers. GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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