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I retired as pastor of LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE 3 years ago on March 1, 2009.  The deacons nominated my son who worked with me for 22 years as an Assistant Pastor to candidate.  He did so and the church voted 96% for him.  Personally I voted against him. Ha!  

To think my son is my pastor.  Maybe that is why I travel and preach on the week ends! Ha!  We preached together in New Mexico and I said to the congregation, “I changed his diapers and he is my pastor.”  He got up and said, “Yes, and one day I will change his diapers. ”   Smart aleck!


I preached Sunday morning at the BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH pastored by Pastor Andy Doll.   This church is 2 hours from Madison, WI, in Prairie du Chein, WI.  It is a town of 5,500 and this is the church in town.  This pastor was saved in this church as a young man and called to preach.  He studied under Dr. Jack Hyles at  Hyles-Anderson College along with his brother who is his Assistant Pastor.  
The buildings were packed Sunday morning with no room.  By the end of the day God gave us 8 souls for salvation one for baptism. 
The pastor’s daughter Emily had a seizure Sunday afternoon and they rushed her to the hospital.  They are still running tests to find out what went wrong.  I called when my plane landed Monday in Shreveport to check on Emily and dad said she is back to normal, but they are still pursuing the testing.  Pray for young Emily please.  She is as sweet a little girl as you will ever find.
I have been an ordained and licensed Baptist preacher for 40 years this last April and I am more excited today than ever about these young men of God around our nation.  I call these ministries they are leading “seedlings.”  
In what I call the “hay-day” there were 20-25 mountain peak ministries that caught all of the publicity and attention.  We do not have as many today mountain peak ministries, but we do have more “seedlings” than we had in our “hay-day.”  I’m speaking of old fashioned Baptist churches.  There are more of them today, but less mountain peak versions.  Don’t count out the “remnant.”   This happened in history before the outbreak in the 60’s and 70’s.  It will happen again! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

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