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Monday Morning Service
Dr. Russell Anderson
98 year old Mama Grace
Sunday Morning
Dr. Ken Pledger
I had the honor of preaching for my friend Dr. Ken Pledger who pastors the CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH of Middleburg, FL., this past Sunday and Monday. This was Pastor Pledger’s 26th anniversary celebration.

God gave us a total of 103 souls saved on Sunday with 31 of those following the LORD in baptism by the end of the day.  It was a tremendous day.  The people worked extra hard to make this a  day to remember for Dr. and Mrs. Pledger.  Dr. Jack Hyles use to say that any pastor who stays for 20 or more years in the same pastorate was certainly among God’s Elite!  This is one of God’s best!

I was able to lead several folks to Christ and one of those was Emanuel.  Dr. Russell Anderson joined me for the meeting and on our way to eat supper I struck up a conversation with one of the workers at the motel as he was leaving for the day.  We talked for a little bit and soon I was able to give him the Gospel.  He was so kind to listen and eventually bowed his head and prayed to trust Jesus Christ for payment of all of his sins. It was great!

Dr. Pledger, Dr. Anderson, and myself went to a Cracker Barrel to eat supper that Saturday night.  Dr. Anderson started joking with the waiter who was 19 or 20.  He told the young man that he carried his priest with him where ever he went so he could get his sins forgiven the minute he sinned.  I was wearing a black pull over and Dr. Anderson pointed to me and said here is my priest.  He told the young man, “By the way we are having a two for one sale on forgiveness of sins and you need to take advantage of this offer tonight!”   The waiter took our order and went on his way.  

He returned with our food and before he walked away he looked at me and said, “Please don’t forget to remind me of that offer to get my sins forgiven.”  I said, “Ok!”  He left and we ate.  He came back and said it again.  We thought he was going along with the joking.  He returned to clear off the table and asked me again to not forget.  I told him to clear the table and then I would show him how to have all of his sins forgiven.  

In a few minutes he came back and I showed him Scriptures on how to have all of his sins whether past, present, or future completely paid for.  He bowed his head and trusted Christ to pay for his sins.  This young man was dead serious with something that started out as joking around.  WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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