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Pastor Collingsworth
Heritage Adult Choir
Sunday Morning
I flew into the Cleveland, OH, airport Saturday and was met by my good friend Pastor Gerald Collingsworth.  He pastors the HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH of Mogadore, OH, and done so for the last 20 years.  This is an exciting church to say the least. The music was tremendous with no contemporary junk in sight.  I love the old paths of the old time religion especially her music.    

There were several services being conducted on the church property and they were still baptizing as  I left the church to go back to the motel.  The pastor did text me this afternoon informing me that there were 31 saved and 26 baptized in total.  WELL SOMEBODY SAY AMEN!

Recently I was sent a email with a sermon included from a Bible college chapel service in Arkansas of one of their college staff men.   I know this man and His sermon was no shock to me concerning his position on the old time religion and its cultural relevance.     This college is following some dangerous men who are involved in “Post Modernism” which mocks standards and anything associated with church as we know it.  They are logical, rational, but certainly not spiritual.

When ever you see the following names in connection with a church RUN!  The “Acts 29 Network” or “Emergent Church” or the “Emerging Church” movement is destructive.  One of their young pups is Rob Bell and in his book “Velvet Elvis” he states he does not care if Jesus was born of a man named Larry he would still be Jesus to him.  If you young bucks continue to engage these men you will soon have a “Coffee House” for God’s house.

Their language is vulgar inundated with sexual discourse in order to supposedly reach this “X-generation.”  It’s spiritual non-sense! They are attempting to bring God down to man. They will dress down and not up for Church.  Their logic is flawed for church is not meant for lost people. When the orchard is healthy it will produce fruit. This new let your hair down method is leading young men down a primrose lane to unadulterated heresy.  These men are a mockery to the cause of Christ.  JUST GIVE ME AND MINE THE OLD TIME RELIGION! 

Give me Holy Ghost power for Holy Ghost conviction of sinners and you can keep your religious rock n roll mixed with a little Merle Haggard. GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!


1) Mark Driscoll
2) Rob Bell
3) Brian McLaren
4) Tony Jones
5) Doug Pagitt
6) Ed Stetzer

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