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I have had several emails of people saying I do not want to be shaken by this, but I need to be reassured. 

Isaiah 26:3, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

My trust is not in a man, but it is in GOD.  I have no other way of trusting without reading and meditating on His Word.  Coming face to face with God in His Word gives me peace. Peace does not come from what others say about God, but by my face to face meeting with God through His Word.

Our LORD has never disowned one of his children, and he will, in His timing and in His love, put men up and put men down.  When God puts a man or woman down it is with an availability of a safety net of love underneath him or her.

Hebrews 13:5, “…for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

Psalm 75:7, “But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.”

Psalm 37:24, “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand.”

A human being may attempt to assassinate another’s character and influence, but he or she will fail.  In the end it is God who puts them up and sets them down without ever forsaking one of his children.  

Take heart dear soul winner, church member, pastor, staff, faculty, and bus workers of a local independent Baptist church who hold high your preserved inspiration King James Bible, for everything is alright in our Father’s house! ONLY GOD can put man up and take man down! Then God in His love provides a safety net when man falls!


I have been asked why I attacked a daughter?  I did not attack her!  I used Scripture and those who attacked me did not.  They just ramble. Read my article again please.

The question should be why did she attack a dead man especially one who was her father whom God used to build one of the most exciting churches in history?  A man used of God to propel and launch a movement such as this nation has never known.  

He cannot defend himself.  She waited 11 years after his death.  Curious!  Please don’t misunderstand I love her, but I love truth more than the words of a slanderer of a dead man who was a man of God.

I am 66 years of age. If I died tomorrow my wife would inherit what I have and not my children or grandchildren.  If she were to die after that then the children and grandchildren would inherit what little we have left.  Because she will spend it all! Ha!  If Dr. Hyles hated Mrs. Hyles, as she claims, then why didn’t he leave the money to the children?  None of this makes sense!

Can you imagine the folly of saying that 50,000 church members’ tithed? How about this one…Dr. Hyles’ owned the 80 million dollars worth of church property?  Is anyone thinking out there?  Have we lost our mental capacity to think logically?

This 16 year young immature innocent victim has a safety net of love underneath her. Jack Schaap has a net of God’s love underneath him.  Mrs. Hyles has a net of God’s love underneath her. Cindy Hyles Schaap has a net of God’s love underneath her.  Becky Hyles Smith has a net of God’s love underneath her. Dave Hyles has a net of God’s love underneath him.  

Yes, and Linda Hyles Murphrey has a net of God’s love underneath her.  

The enemy is not a Linda Hyles Murphrey, the enemy is Satan who is laughing at the confusion he has caused the family of God.  How about this, should we not logically and Scripturally deal with the confusion?  Absolutely!  Is Jack Hyles to blame for all of this?  That’s ludicrous! 


I have been asked how does one respond to accusations against the dead especially if it is  a famous man and he is your dad?  

I Corinthians 11: 1, “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.”

It is not a difficult thing to recognize from the Scriptures that a man who is following Christ has a right to lead God’s people.  This does not mean he forfeits that right to lead because someone following him does not follow him as he follows Christ. 

Is this man following Christ perfect? Absolutely not.  God only has imperfect men preaching a perfect Book to imperfect people in hopes of perfecting them to be a little more like Christ.

Sometimes men say a Pastor has forfeited his right to lead because he does not “rule” his own children in his own house.  That word “rule” simply means “lead.” A man provides the “lead” and hopefully his children will follow in his leadership.  

However, you and I know of dozens who do not follow the lead of their dad or mom.  Does he forfeit his right to lead a church?  Absolutely not!  If that be true then there will be no one filling the pulpits this Sunday.

I have four wonderful children and 10 beautiful grandchildren of whom I am very proud.   Especially the grandchildren! Ha! Would you like to see some photos.  I just happened to have some.

However, their decision to follow Christ is a credit to them for deciding to follow Christ and not as much mine or their mother.  We provided the lead, while they provided the “will” to follow and do right. God bless them as they follow Christ.

If a child chooses to not follow the parents or Christ then don’t blame God, the Bible, the local church, fundamentalism, the standards, the Sunday school teacher, or least of all the parents.  We are all born with a “will.”  What we do with that “will” is up to each of us.

The answer is to ignore adult children who attack those who gave birth to them, fed them, clothed them, put a roof over their head, taught them, prayed for them, and without them would not be.  

Accusations are never proof! Anyone can accuse anyone and all of a sudden it must be true simply because it is out there?  What kind of gratitude is this by grown children?

That is what Senator Harry Reid is doing to Presidential candidate Romney with his accusations of Romney’s taxes.  Accuse and then have the accused prove it is not true!  Ridiculous!


Now, concerning the video if you want reassurance then I have some suggestions for you.  
1) Talk to the deacons who served with Dr. Hyles
2) Ask C. W. Fisk who was saved at FBC and served with Dr. Hyles for many years
3) Ask Roy Moffait who served with Dr. Hyles
4) Ask Eddie Lapina who served with Dr. Hyles
5) Ask Johnny Colsten who served with Dr. Hyles
6) Ask Wendell Evans who served with Dr. Hyles
7) Ask the chairman of the board Terry Duff who served with Dr. Hyles
8) Ask Jim Vineyard who served with Dr. Hyles
9) Talk to us who traveled with him for 22 years
10) Ask yourself what you thought when you met him the last time (face to face)
11) Ask Lindsey Terry who worked closely with Dr. Hyles
12) Ask deacon C. A. Norrell who served from 1962 to 1992 with Dr. Hyles
13) Ask Mrs. Hyles
14) Ask the other three children 


Hundreds have asked me have you talked to Mrs. Hyles? The answer is “Yes!” What has Mrs. Hyles said?   First of all if I were you, I would look at her life and let that be her statement to you. 

55 years of being married to Jack Hyles, 42 years sitting on the front row of FBC choir, while her husband led in the building of a great church. To the common man this ought to be an answer in itself.  

Watch this 83 year old godly woman as she teaches her Sunday school class each Sunday.  How can an 83 year old godly widow of a great man of God stand so tall in the saddle unrattled while you need assurance?  If you want assurance you should hide and watch this godly lady for a while.  Grace personified!

I will tell you what she has said, “He (Dr. Hyles) was the greatest Christian I ever knew.”  This was stated at his funeral as well.  Is she lying? I think not!

Ask her current pastor about her?  Ask Mrs. Earlyne Stephens, Dr. Hyles’ sister?  Ask the members of her current Sunday school class?  Her integrity is above reproach!  Her life is her statement.  Why should such a godly lady of 83 have to put up with this junk?

There are too many things that are easy to check. One would have to be blind with anger to ignore the obvious and easily checked accusations.  It is so easy to check income tax returns.  It is so easy to check so many things.  However, it appears people WANT to believe the lies.

I wonder why all of these silly accusations are being taken seriously?  Too many people who were close to him can testify to the real Jack Hyles and the baseless and absurd allegations.  

Could it be Satan is really attacking aggressive soul winning, King James Bible, standards, bus ministry running, independent local Baptist churches, pastoral leadership, missions, and holiness? Could it be that Satan is really after God Himself.  Satan does not come to hurt you, but to hurt those following you! Do not let his hurt hurt!

This video has been used as a diversion via these allegations and Satan is happy! Let’s get back to soul winning and walking those trusting Christ down the aisles of our churches!

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