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I will be driving to the Tyler, TX, airport to catch an American Eagle flight to DFW.  Then I will catch a flight to San Francisco, CA, to teach and preach for my good friend Dr. Mike Callaghan.  I have known Dr. Callaghan for three decades and he and his family are wonderful Christians and great servants of the Lord.

Evangelist Allen Domelle will be joining me for this Bible Conference.  Evangelism is tough especially in these days of Obama presidency.  However, Brother Domelle has a full schedule and is a faithful man of God.
Unfortunately the situation at Shenandoah Baptist Church with the resignation of Jeff Owens has brought some unfounded criticism his way.  I know Brother Domelle and Brother Owens.  I love both of them.  

Brother Domelle did nothing wrong, in fact he did the right thing by bringing to light the wrong first to Dr. Owens and then later to the deacon board.  Religious leaders are accused of “cover-up,” which is not true for 90% of the churches, and then when a man of God brings to light to those in authority the truth he is maligned. Puzzling!

Dr. Jeff Owens did the right thing by resigning because of his marriage.  His first priority must be and should be his wife.  Her indiscretions have hurt and she needs help, but when those in authority go on and on for 8 to  9 weeks without being honest with the church then rumors run rampant and good people are hurt.  

Ecclesiastes 8:11, “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”


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