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Sunday morning at four a.m. our 21 year old grandson R. G. was taken to the emergency room.  He was born with what was called an “X-linked chromosome deficiency” at the time.  Since then they have found another name for his malady. The doctors told Bob and Kelly that on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, he was at a 9.9.   He is extremely close to having his neck break, which would cause instant death.

R. G. was never supposed to live after birth, but God had other plans.  He is 21, sings in the teen choir, sits on the front row of church, works a 4 day work day, has graduated from high-school in a special ed program, goes soul winning, and is the delight of his family and friends.  He is always smiling.  Even now as he lays in the hospital in Longview he smiles from ear to ear when some one walks in the room.  I called him while I was in California several times and he kept telling me he was being good and then he would laugh.  AMAZING!

They overnighted the results of his tests to Dallas hoping to find a doctor who will do this delicate surgery.  He will have to have a halo put on his head in order to keep him from literally breaking his neck while being transported to Dallas.  Hopefully we will know more tomorrow.  PLEASE PRAY!  Kelly and Bob are holding up as well as possible, but this is hard!


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