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I will flying from the Longview, TX, airport in the morning and then catching a flight to LaGuardia airport in New York.  I will be preaching for my dear friend Pastor Frank Cuozzo.  He pastors the NEW BURHAM BAPTIST CHURCH of North Bergen, NJ.  I will be teaching Sunday school, preaching Sunday morning, and preaching Sunday evening.

I will then be driving to Bay Shore, NY, to preach in the Annual Bible Conference hosted by Pastor Sergio Ali.  He pastors the IGLESIA BAUTISTA FUNDAMENTAL CHURCH of Bay Shore, NY.  He is an unusual man of God who has built a great soul winning church.   This pastor attended our NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC in Longview for several years.  

I will be preaching Monday night at 7 and Tuesday night at 7.  If you are in the area please take time to visit one of the services. 

Our 21 year old grandson R. G. is still in Longview Regional Hospital waiting for the Specialists to decide how to go about the required surgeries.  He will have to have a halo  ,surgically put on his head, before transporting him to Dallas or to Houston for the surgeries.  It is very stressful for Bob and Kelly! Please continue to pray!

He was born with a malady that has created a bad skeletal structure requiring some 17 surgeries up until now.  He is very close to having a broken neck.  They will have to wait to the very last minute to put the halo on his head in order to transport him for surgery. He smiles when you walk into the room and has won the hearts of the hospital staff. PLEASE CONTINUE PRAYING!

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