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I was up at 2:15 this morning and finished packing for my trip to Utica, NY.   I drove to Tyler, TX, flew to DFW, on to Chicago, and then a flight to Syracuse, NY.   Pastor Jody Martin picked me up at the airport and drove me about 60 miles to check in to the motel.  I will be teaching Sunday school, preaching Sunday morning, and also preaching Sunday night at the GOSPEL LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH of Utica.

I am extremely thrilled to be here.  This was a church that was on the brink of closing three years ago and they simply rolled up their sleeves and decided to be aggressive soul winners.  They made up their minds to keep the doors open and now the building is full on a regular basis with new families coming almost every week. AMEN!

The pastor has been teaching a series on prayer on Wednesday nights and the people have responded with miraculous prayers being answered every week.  He told me stories of young men whom he had given up on all of a sudden showing up at church under heavy conviction, trusting Christ, and following the LORD in baptism.  AMEN! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

There is not need to panic my friend when the critics come after your soul winning church.  Matthew 16:18 is still in the Bible and God is still on the throne.  

The FFF and other surrogates lurking on the internet hoping to fuel their cause of anti with their foul language and irrational logic hoping independent Baptist churches will fail are in for a big surprise.  Soul winning always wins out! 

You can attack the sinner’s prayer, the clasping of the hand, the bowing of the head, the hand on the Bible, the slander of a 1-2-3 repeat after me (which is not true), but while they are doing that my friend another unsaved person trusts Christ. 

They are like homosexuals they cannot reproduce! So, just keep on winning souls.  While you are out working your bus route on Saturday and they are behind their lap tops doing their best to tear down what you are doing, remember Matthew 16:18 is still in the Bible.  I would rather be on the soul winner’s side then their side when we face God.  I of course am assuming they are saved!

The truth is this is their only claim to fame, while hiding behind anonymity, to give their arm chair quarterback critique while drinking their beer, watching their Hollywood movies, and hurling venomous slurs at the faithful soul winners who week in and week out do their best to spread the Gospel to a lost and dying world. 

Do not let them set the agenda.  You do not need to respond to the 25 or 30 critics when there are millions just like you winning souls every week of the world around this nation and also around the world.

I am for locking up child molesters or putting them on a island somewhere, but I refuse to blame everyone for the failures of a few.  You cannot take the total number of confirmed cases and indict an entire group for the despicable immoral acts of a few.  The percentages do not validate such accusatory rants on groups that you hate personally.

I know plenty of good moral Catholics.  Yes, there is a problem with molestation by priests, but to indict ALL of Catholicism is WRONG.  I may indict their doctrine, but broad brush their morality is absurd judgment. 

I know plenty of good moral Pentecostals.  Yes, they have had their own problems with immorality, but I think it is indecent to group them all as immoral.

In East Texas in the last two years we have had a seeming epidemic of teachers, both male and female, who have been arrested for immoral acts with their students.  With this current witch hunt mentality you would have to condemn all of the public school teachers as immoral and then on your forum call for every one to leave that immoral atmosphere of teaching.  Ridiculous!

The only reason Jeri or any other vulture friends exist is not to expose molesters, but to push  their scheme of destroying soul winning churches who behave themselves and do not put up with immoral junk.  She and others believe they have a nail to hang their hat on. 

Her fame and their fame is not for winning souls, building a church from scratch, starting a church in a store front, building a bus route; it is for exploiting tragic situations to make herself  and themselves look holier than thou while  sitting on the side lines smoking a cigar, drinking a beer, and watching their latest filthy Hollywood movie.

God pity you men of God if you happen to be blessed of God and that little church grows for you will be a target of the forum.  This is a sick group on these forums.  I am sure it is an outlet because probably its the only way to get recognition.  The funny part is they have to hide their names.

Sorry, it will not work.  The gates of Hell will not prevail! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

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