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A party for R G after Sunday night
Church at LBT waiting to be transported
to Dallas’ Parkland Hospital
The ambulance that transported R G
at midnight to Dallas
 R G & family the day before being transported
to Dallas
The plague on the outside of Parkland
Hospital in Dallas
Jon Wells with Oscar the puppet visited R G
at Parkland Hospital in Dallas
Anna also trusted Christ
Rosa trusted Christ in OR waiting room
Dr. William “Chip” Scott met with us just
before surgery

R G just before surgery

R G III our grandson, the son of Bob and Kelly Gray II, plus the family, church, and friends are all rejoicing and praising our LORD for his kindness and grace.  R G who is 21 and suffered with a terrible physical malady since birth has come through a very critical surgery.  

There is no way to express for the thousands of you who have prayed and prayed for this young man who has had 17 surgeries to help him with a skeletal problem.  He has won the hearts of everyone in the two hospitals he has been in.

Thank you dear folks at Longview Regional Medical Center for your help and the precious folks at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX.  These folks have literally and humanly speaking given R G III a chance to live a life without being immobile. 

The 7 hour surgery went better than Dr. Kevin Morrill the lead surgeon, expected.  R G had stronger bones than they had anticipated, which helped them to set the spine and stabalize the spine without rods having to go all the way down to his waist.  The two rods are only to the base of his neck. AMEN!

I was allowed by our LORD to lead several to Christ at the hospital while waiting for the completion of the surgery.  One of them was a mother named Anna whose 37 year old daughter was hit by an 18 wheeler with the car almost going over the edge of a by pass.  The truck driver left the scene of the accident.  

Angie is the daughters’ name.  She had her 3 children in the back of the car and they only had a few scratches.  Angie was taken to surgery at the same time as R G.  I was able to talk to the mother and soon gave her Scriptures to explain how she could know for sure that Heaven could be her home.  After a while she took me by the hand and prayed to receive Christ as payment for her sins. SOMEBODY SAY AMEN!

As we sat in the OR waiting room I noticed another spanish lady on the other side of the room.  I first thought she was a relative to Anna.  I approached her and she could not speak English, but her son could and he told me they were not related to Anna.  I gave a track to the son and asked him to read it to his mother Rosa.

I went back to my seat and I saw him reading the Gospel tract to his mother.  I saw them bow their heads and seemed to be praying.  I then left my seat and went over to them and asked the boy if they just prayed to trust Christ as their Saviour.  He said yes we did! WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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