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Sunday Morning
I flew into New Mexico on Saturday and was picked up by the pastor Brent Lenetine.  He started with no one but his family 24 years ago in Rio Rancho, NM.  They knocked on doors and won souls the old fashioned way.  

They have been through several building programs and the latest is a beautiful addition of an auditorium.  I was thrilled with the packed out buildings and the spirit of this great church.  Many trusted Christ and were baptized at the end of the auditorium service plus many others at the other services being conducted on property.

The one thing that excited me was to see his children, although, grown serving with him and his wife.   All of them are soul winners and love the LORD.  It made me think of my precious children and grandchildren who are serving the LORD.  What a blessing!


The pastor will be picking up Brother Domelle today and he will join me tonight.  If you are in the area please make plans to be with us at the GOSPEL LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH of Rio Rancho, NM. You can call 505-892-9463 or 905-440-2417 for directions.  The services start at 7 pm. GOTTA LOVE OLD TIME PREACHING!

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