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Sunday morning was “SUPER SUNDAY” for the HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH of Locust Grove, GA.  The buildings were packed with well over 600 in attendance this week end.  God gave us 30 souls and 12 baptisms.

I remember preaching for this dear church when they held church in an old Auction Barn.  Pastor Terrell Hopkins has been pastor here for the past 14 years and is an aggressive soul winner.  The music is uplifting and adds much to the services.  The altars were full and many adults trusted Christ.

After the morning service was over a dear man to the right brought his son up to me and asked if I would speak to him for a minute.  I was introduced to Michael his son.  His son began to tell me how he did not know for sure that he was going to go to Heaven when he died and with tears in his eyes he asked me, “If I could help him.” I gave him Scriptures and in a few minutes he bowed his head and trusted Christ to save his soul.  

In a few minutes his wife Tiffiny walked up and told me the same thing. Praise the LORD in a few minutes she bowed her head and heart trusting Christ to pay for all of her sins.  The dad and family were so excited.  They were back last night and walked the aisle making a public profession of their faith in Christ.


Dr. Russell Anderson eating corn bread
and pinto beans

Dr. Russell Anderson flew in on Saturday to preach for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Pastor Dexter Landers who pastors the MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH.  Dr. Anderson phoned Pastor Landers and asked if he should eat at the airport in Detroit or would he have something for him to eat when he arrived.  Pastor Landers asked what he would like to eat and Dr. Anderson laughed and said “How about some pinto beans and some corn bread?”  Pastor Landers had one of his ladies fix up some old fashioned corn bread and pinto beans.  Dr. Anderson was in hog heaven!

Dr. Anderson will be a co-host of our SECOND INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CONFERENCE to be hosted by HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH of Locust Grove, GA., this week.  He will be speaking all morning on Tuesday morning to the laymen and preaching first on Tuesday night.

Dr. Bill Wininger, Pastor Dwayne Walker, Pastor Dexter Landers, and myself will be preaching this week.  We are looking and praying for a good group of preachers to attend.  Services are at 7 pm each night with day sessions beginning at 8:30 on tuesday morning.  There will be a luncheon hosted by Dr. Anderson at noon on Tuesday.  I hope you will take time to be with us.


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