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I will be flying out of Longview, TX, to DFW and then on to Chicago to preach for my good friend Pastor Thomas Griffin.   He pastors the JORDAN BAPTIST CHURCH of Burbank, IL.

I am often asked about the condition of independent Baptist churches around the nation.   I have been honored to preach in every state but one, North Dakota.  I have been traveling the nation for 33 years and have over 6 million air miles. As of December 31, 2011, I have preached 26,135 sermons.  I do not claim to be an expert on IBC movement, but I do preach for them exclusively.

In my opinion there are more what I call “seedling churches” than we have ever seen before.  There were in our hay day a few mountain peak churches, but not as many “seedling churches.”  I believe we have more local churches running several hundred than we had in our so-called hay day.  I remember when Dr. Rice through the SWORD OF THE LORD promoted 200 baptisms in one year via local churches and even listed them in his paper.   There are 100% more today than in that day.  This church in Burbank is one of those churches.  YES, I AM ENCOURAGED!


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