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I will be driving to Tyler, TX., to catch a flight to DFW and then on to Colorado Springs, CO.   I will be teaching and preaching for Pastor Matt Miller.   He will be hosting a Monday night meeting at CORNERSTONE BAPTIST CHURCH.   If you are in the area I hope you will attend Monday night.


This book will provide some insights into one of the greatest men of God this nation has known.  If you do not have the book “WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING” I would suggest purchasing it and these two books together will help you to understand an era in one of the most powerful movements this nation has ever known.  There is no doubt the effect of the independent Baptist movement went from the most rural of areas to the White House itself.  One of the men who provided the leadership was Dr. Jack Hyles.  His Biblical principles are still alive and are easily available to this generation.  

I was a part of the first four year class of Hyles-Anderson College, I was on staff at the college, my wife was Dr. Evan’s secretary, and I traveled with Dr. Hyles regularly over a 22 year period.  I believe these books will remind you of the greatness of the hour and the principles that God blessed.  There is no perfection here and yet there is knowledge that God can use mortals to reach the unsaved.

The Biblical principles taught by Dr. Hyles not only worked for him, but those who adopted and adapted to those same  Scriptural principles.  You can go to foreign lands and observe great works as well as around this nation who will take you back to a PASTORS’ SCHOOL or HAC itself where these Biblical principles were first taught and embraced.

You can go to SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM and order “WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING.”  If you will, as many have already, email me ([email protected]) you can take advantage of the pre-order sale of “JACK HYLES-COMMUNICATOR.”  For churches and book stores there will be a half price sale for a case of 16 plus S/H.


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