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Steve and Trish
Tuesday Morning Session
Sean made a profession
Adult Choir
Auditorium Class
Sunday Morning
Pastor Matt Miller
2 of 12 adults trusting Christ
I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Matt Miller who pastors the GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH of Colorado Springs, CO.

He hosted his first “OUR SOUL PURPOSE CONFERENCE” which he announced will be conducted annually. We had 15 pastors attend  between the day and night services on Monday.  

They hosted a luncheon and the ladies certainly did a wonderful job of feeding some hungry Baptists.

This is the church started by my dear friend Dr. Dean Miller Sr.   His son Matt became the pastor when Dr. Miller Sr. retired.  Dr. Miller Sr. is like myself traveling and doing our best to keep soul winning fundamentalism alive and well.  He is one of those special men of God with the spiritual DNA of Dr. Hyles, Dr. Roberson, Dr. Malone, Dr. Curtis Hutson, Dr. John R. Rice, and other great men of God.

Pastor Matt Miller led his church to move into an 80,000 square facility that you will have to see to believe.  This facility would cost 10 to 12 million dollars to build. With this new facility they have added 50,000 square feet for their church. WOW!  I am telling you it is an absolute miracle story as to how God gave them this facility on a 4 lane major road in Colorado Springs.

An 800 seat auditorium is being finished on the main level. In the mean time they are meeting in the bottom level of the facility.  They have a first class cafeteria with all of the hardware.  They have two elevators.   That’s right you read it right, a fundamental independent Baptist church with two elevators.  I rode in one of them up and down just for the experience. Ha!

You need a guide to take you around so you will not get lost on your journey.   40,000 cars drive by this new facility a day.  They have enough space to run 2,000 in attendance.  

They average 90 soul winners each week and the pastor is sure that the number will be even larger from now on because of this conference. They have a lot of new young couples attending.  I met several who have only been saved a few weeks.  Several new adults came on their own to the services on Sunday. God gave us in total 12 adults who trusted Christ.  AMEN!

I taught my lesson “7 DOORS TO ANSWERED PRAYER” in the auditorium Sunday school class.  I preached Sunday morning my sermon “YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!”   Sunday night I preached “LET’S GO SOUL WARNING.”  On Tuesday morning at the morning session I taught on “COMPASSION.”  Then, on Tuesday night I preached my sermon “HOW TO KEEP ON GOING.” The altars were full after every service with many dedicating to going soul winning
All of the services were electrifying.  You could see and sense the Holy Spirit working on the hearts of God’s people.  It reminded me of the early days of the independent Baptist movement.   By the way those days are not over!  It is still happening all over this nation.  It just doesn’t make the evening news.

Steve and Trish Rife helped me with my book table.  I want to thank them for their help.  By the way we sold all of our books and the pastor bought a case of “WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING” for his new book store.

This church will not have to worry about storage space.  That was always a concern for me in my 33 years of pastoring.  

If you are ever in Colorado Springs, CO., please make plans to visit this church. You will not be sorry.


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