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Monday Night Opening
I had the honor of speaking once again for Dr. Mike Wells.  He pastors the PARKSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH.  This church hosts the annual BAPTIST LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE.  

Dr. Larry May spoke first on Monday night and I spoke second.  It was wonderful to see how the Lord worked.  Dr. May and I did not discuss our sermons, but both were on the necessity of Holy Spirit fulness.  I preached my sermon “THE FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.”   The altars were full and God met with us in a marvelous way.

Tuesday Day Workshop
Day workshops were conducted and Dr. Wells asked me to teach Tuesday morning.  It was good to see area pastors who attended. I spoke on “PILLARS OF A SUCCESSFUL INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCH.”  I referenced Matthew 28:19-20 with the emphasis on “…commanded things…” which must be taught first and remain as foundational commands in order to successfully spread the Gospel.

    • Time 
    • Treasure
    • Talent


I have been juggling back and forth in finalizing two new books, which hopefully I will be able to publish before the end of summer.  “TRIAL BY FIRE-Satan’s attack on Independent Baptists” and “JACK HYLES-COMMUNICATOR.”  Both will be 300 to 400 pages in length with some intriguing and thought provoking chapters.  

Every time I become absorbed in the material of one book then move to the next book I wonder if I have bitten more off than I can chew.  It is not a lack of material that is my problem.  I am in a quandary as to what to leave out of the books. 

I hope that every young leader will take  the time to study great heroes of the faith.  This is not hero worship, this is just good old common sense that experienced successful men of God used that does not need to die with them.  God blessed them and God wants to do it again.

These were not perfect men, but they were successful in winning souls and building gigantic ministries.  Jack Hyles, Lee Roberson, Tom Malone, Curtis Hutson, Dallas Billington, Lester Roloff, J. Frank Norris, G. B. Vick, and many others were flesh and blood just as we are, but they must not be ignored or discredited because of their humanity.  We must learn from these men rather than discount them. 

By the way they are not the ISSUE and even though there is a move on to discredit them and make them the issue…the cause of Christ is under attack and is the issue.  In 67 years of living, 56 years of being in the family of God, and going on 41 years of ministry I have yet to meet a perfect man or woman.  However, I can learn even from imperfect people.

When the vitriolic attacks are centered around Hammond, Jack Hyles, Lester Roloff, J. Frank Norris, Tom Malone and others, I have to wonder is there no good at all from these men.  Do the innuendos and accusations now become facts?  Most of you are too young to have facts and only the words of haters  on the internet are your resource, and we use to call that gossip.

  • We did not make Jack Hyles or these other men the issue
    • Others started the fight, we defend a friend, and then we are being blamed for the fight.
    • We followed these men, trusted these men, and we listened to them, but certainly do not and did not worship them.
    • We knew them well and knew they were human just like the rest of us.
    • We were encouraged because of their humanity seeing that God can still use sinners.
    • The thing that irritates those who oppose great men of the past is the blessings these great men had.
  • Defense of a friend, a hero, or a leader is not hero worship.
  • The greater the scope of a man’s influence the greater the scope of his enemies.
    • Small town pastors are also attacked, but do not make news and are not scrutinized as much. 
    • It happens to all who lead in the work of God at some time or another.
  • The attempt to find points of contention is an attempt to tempt a friend to turn on a friend.
  • When some disagree with a man’s theology they tend to listen to accusations, thus looking for ways to attack his morality in order to discredit his theology.
  • The greater the figure head becomes the more visible target he becomes.
  • The real issue for our enemies is to stop the soul winning.


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