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I will set my alarm for 2 am and leave the house at 3:45 am to stop by and pick up Evangelist Allen Domelle.   We are both flying out of the Tyler airport on a 6 am flight to DFW.  It is about a 45 minute drive to Tyler.

I will be flying to Indianapolis, IN, to preach  at the GREENWOOD BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH.  Pastor Todd Poynter started the church some 17 years ago and God has blessed him and his dear people.  They have grown so much that recently they had to add a balcony to their auditorium.  Pastor Poynter grew up at FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Hammond, IN, under the ministry of Dr. Jack Hyles.  He is one of a thousand of Dr. Hyles’ preacher boys who are pastoring somewhere in America.

Those who spend their lives attempting to discredit great men are wasting their time.  On any given Sunday there are thousands of churches that are still winning souls, baptizing, and teaching them to win souls who were influenced by Dr. Hyles and other great men of the past.  The important thing about great men such as Dr. Hyles is not their so-called “legacy.”  

  • It is about their influence for the cause of Christ
  • It is about what they stood for
  • It is about what they fought for that is under attack
  • It is about souls being saved
  • It is about the men and women serving God worldwide who are being attacked for their affiliation with them
  • It is about truth
  • It is about defending those who gave their lives for God
  • It is about carrying on the teachings to another generation
  • It is about justice
  • It is about those who remain behind

I wonder if there were an internet in the days of Peter if Peter’s cursing, denying the faith, denying the Christ, and denying his church might not be a popular “thread?” This crowd would criticize the day of Pentecost.  

I wonder if Paul and the shaving of his head might not make the internet forums instead of his three missionary journeys and hundreds of local churches he started.  These buzzards of the internet NEVER talk of the good only the bad.  They are equivalent to the INQUIRER.

Our church, LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE, had 3,117 precious souls saved after a week long soul winning marathon last week.  No one knows about that, but let something bad happen and the whole internet world will know about before night fall. Funny to me how a lie can go around the world before truth can lace up her boots.  

It is interesting to me that the Lord received sinners and rebuked the critics.  Yet, we rebuke the sinners and receive the critics.  I despise the actions of those who attack the dead who cannot answer.  It seems they are jealous of the success of the previous generation and thus attack them.  However, it does not make the critics’ failures turn into successes.

It was not hypnosis or brain washing that caused 7,000 people to sit in one auditorium like zombies and listen to Jack Hyles teach and preach for 40 years.  It was Holy Spirit power!  If its so easy than do it my internet friend?  It was not his humor that captured their attention, but Holy Spirit power.  If it is so easy to baptize thousands a year then do it my internet critic?

It is time to fall on our faces and beg God for His Holy Spirit power to be able to do something great again, rather than tear down these men of God who did remarkable works for God. They NEVER claimed to be perfect.  In fact they made fun of their imperfection and flaws.  Face it my critic friend you have failed  in the ministry where they succeeded in the ministry and it just drives you nuts.


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