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As long as the critics keep crawling out from underneath the rocks I will continue to defend my friend, especially because he is NOT here and cannot defend himself.  If they continue to attack I will continue to defend.  Let me give you some reasons why I will not change my mind about my preacher, my mentor, and my friend Dr. Jack Hyles.

  • I do not need to re-decide my opinion of Dr. Hyles 
  • My ministry and my family are a result of his preaching and his teaching as well as a thousand others
  • I am loyal to my friends and will defend them
  • I have no confidence in the credibility of the critics
  • Linda Murphrey is a spiritual fraud playing the victim and having forged her mothers’ name to purchase a car is a financial fraud
  • I was with Dr. Hyles to the end of his ministry
  • The motives of the attackers is more than a little suspect
  • I was with him and somewhere along the way he would have slipped if there was a corruptness about him. I found no immorality.  I discovered his humanity but not an evil man
  • Where is there any woman who has accused him of adultery?
  • When I consider the remaining influence of his ministry I find it to be worldwide and not becoming weaker even as his name is attacked
  • Peripheral friends have turned not close ones.  I was closer to him than most and he was more like Jesus than any man I ever knew
  • We are told to expect these things, “… and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” These are called “blessed.”
  • It is God’s place to judge not mine
  • The enemy has made the Hyles family into a reality show not them
  • His life should stand on its own not on the lives of his children or their spouses
  • I was not there and NEITHER WERE YOU
  • The enemy are like our modern day liberals for they discredit anyone who disagrees with their “AGENDA” and I am despised because I refuse to agree with them
  • I would rather err on the side of mercy
  • I witnessed the power of God in his life
  • He has been in Heaven for 12 years and only Satan would want to kill a dead man
  • Even his fundamental critics cannot deny the influence he had on them and they would have to lie to say otherwise
  • I never saw him manipulate a person EVER. Don’t just say he did, prove it.  
  • He lived for others
  • I will not change my mind because the attackers have nothing but “she said he said,” which use to be called “gossip”
  • The forums are filled with ungodly language and ungodly carnal innuendos and this is the level of spirituality of those critics?
  • I have not heard anything new for they are just recycling the same old rumors over and over again
  • I do not trust anyone who will attack a dead great man who cannot defend himself
  • I saw him at a distance and admired him and when I saw him up close I was not disappointed for I admired him  even more.  He was spirit-filled!
  • The enemy is mad because they have failed where he succeeded and they have to explain him away in order to make them look good



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