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Look at whom God chooses to use in His service.  They are outcasts.  Most of the Scripture is written by murderers.  God does not whitewash those he places in the Scriptures.  He openly places their sins, shortcomings, and frailties in front of all the world to read.

The same is true in our day and time for God chooses to use the “outcasts of Israel”in order to accomplish His desires.  Many of our forefathers of the faith who accomplished great things for God were considered “outcasts.”

Dr. Lee Roberson

It’s Sunday morning in the late 60’s and the World’s Largest Church is gathered for it’s morning service.  The man of God begins to speak.  Look at his stature, listen to his eloquence, observe the converts flooding down the aisles, and who is this man?  He is an outcast!  He was cast out of the Hamilton County Baptist Association of Chattanooga, TN.   The enemies are openly criticizing and attempting to destroy this great man, but God chose this “outcast” to build a great work for God with an impact felt around the world to this very day.   

Dr. John R. Rice

I see a city auditorium and it is filled to capacity.  The choir is in their place.  The ushers are at their posts.  Hundreds of churches are cooperating in this city wide campaign.  The Evangelist stands to speak.   Listen to his preaching, notice the Holy Spirit power, watch the converts stream down the aisles, and who is this great man?  He is an outcast!  The Tarrent County Baptist Association kicked him out and his name is John R. Rice.

Evangelist Lester Roloff

I see a tent filled with people.  I listen carefully as the man of God preaches the old KING JAMES BIBLE.  I watch as the old saw dust trail is being used once again at the invitation time.  Scores of people are walking the aisles to receive Christ as their personal Saviour.  I watch this man of God as he opens up his heart to the thousands of young people who lives are wrecked by the world.   I see the Governor of the state of Texas attempt to shut his ministry down.  I watch closely as God gives him victory after victory.  Who is this powerful preacher of the Gospel?  He is an outcast having been voted out of the Southern Baptist Convention for his vocal attacks on their ownership of a liquor store, teaching of evolution in their colleges, and introducing perversions of the Bible in their seminaries. He is constantly being attacked by the press, but he pressed on.

Charles H. Spurgeon

I see a set of books and I read them.  I find dozens and dozens of sermons.  Wow, what a preacher, what a man, and what brilliance.  Who is this great author?  Who is this prince of preachers?  He is an outcast!  He was voted out of his his London Baptist Association.  There were only 7 votes for him.   His own preacher boys voted against him.  Who is this man?  None other than Charles H. Spurgeon.

Dr. Jack Hyles

I see an auditorium jammed and packed on a Sunday morning.  I see 800 Sunday school classes totally 20,000 in Sunday school. I see 240 Sunday school buses rolling into Hammond, IN, out of Chicago, IL, Northwest Indiana, and Southwestern Michigan.  I see 30,000 converts walking the aisles in one year professing faith in Jesus Christ.  I see a full building on Sunday nights and 5,000 back for a Wednesday night Bible study.  Who is this man that pastors this church and preached to a full building week after week?  He is an outcast.  He was voted out of his own denomination the Dallas County Baptist Association.  He was voted out of the American Baptist Denomination.  His name Jack Frasure Hyles.


  • Notice these were not just outcasts, but “outcasts of Israel” for their own turned their backs on them
  • Notice that God uses those whom others in God’s world have rejected
  • Notice those who go against the denominational flow attract God’s attention
  • Notice God refers to us as a “remnant”
  • Notice God chooses to use those who are rejected by the majority
  • Notice Jesus was an outcast by His own
  • Notice these have a great influence left behind not a legacy
  • Notice they did not depend upon God until they were cast out by man
  • They discovered independence is someone who found a greater source of dependence than man
  • The greater the influence the greater the opposition and the longer the battle against the influence
  • They did not let being “outcasts” stop them from doing right


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