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Luke 22:55, “And when they had kindled a fire in the midst of the hall, and were set down together, Peter sat down among them.”

First, Peter was sleeping; second, Peter was impulsive; third, Peter was resisting; fourth, Peter followed afar off; fifth, Peter sits down with the crowd that crucified his Saviour. In Luke 22:56-57 Peter denies the Lord Jesus. Along time before Peter went to sleep he would not have denied he knew the Lord. 
He chose one step that led to another step that led to another step and with each step taking him from the wills of God for his life. Sixth, in Luke 59-60, Peter denies his church and the enemy says, “thou art also of them.” Peter ends up denying his church, his faith, and his Lord. Step by step he goes away from the wills of God.
There is decision to be made between the best and second best for all of God’s children. Peter chose second best and then the best was no longer an alternative. Then second best became the best in Peter’s life. Something else then became second best in his life. Now, Peter has become a second best chooser!
Just as others led the Apostle Paul to the wills of God, so was Peter lead away from the wills of God by others. Now, Peter’s choice is not the best but third best which is now his best. Twice second best is chosen which now becomes the best.
You quit your Sunday school class because you say, “My schedule doesn’t allow me to do my best.” No, that is not true! You always make time for the important things in your life. By quitting you have chosen that which is second best. The desire should always to be the best Sunday school teacher, the best bus captain, the best youth pastor, the best principal, or the best schoolteacher. Some do a good job but not the best job.
There is not excuse for a child of God to allow others to lead us away from the best. Peer pressure is a powerful force in life. No one is immune to the pull of the crowd. The best solution to it is to run with the right crowd and allow those who are living for God to challenge and encourage us to live our best for the one who gave His best to save our souls from an eternal Hell.
Peter chose second best, which became his best and caused him to be led away from the will of God for his life. The free will of man can be a blessing or a curse depending upon whom you are living for, yourself or God.
The best no longer was an alternative for Peter. Then second best became the best for Peter with him becoming a second best chooser. We create habits and appetites of living in the second best. This process continues until the worst becomes your best with weeping being the destination. Backsliding is a sudden and dangerous way to leave that is birthed through the first choice of second best.
DO NOT ENTERTAIN OR SEEK SECOND BEST – Stay with your mate, parents, job, church, school, or college.
IF SECOND BEST IS NOW YOUR BEST THEN DO NOT ENTERTAIN THIRD BEST – Once you have blown it stop the sliding right where you are. 75% of those who divorce do it again.
IF YOU ARE AT SECOND BEST GIVE YOUR LIFE TO SERVE THOSE DOING THE BEST – In Bible times when a man’s vineyard could not support his family he would give his vineyard to a successful husbandman and work for him.
IF YOU ARE AT SECOND BEST THEN GIVE YOUR DECISION MAKING TO THOSE DOING THE BEST – Obviously you have not chosen the best so give someone who is doing the best an opportunity to give advice to you.
IF YOU ARE LIVING SECOND BEST THEN GIVE VETO POWER TO SOMEONE WHO IS DOING THE BEST – You cannot stop yourself so it would be wise to let someone else stop you from making another second best decision.

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