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Pastor Keith Bell
I will be able to spend a little extra time at home this morning.   I will not have to leave the house until 10:30. My flight does not leave until 11:30.  Last week the ice storm caused the cancellation of thousands of flights and I was unable to fly to Nashville, TN.  I loved the time at home.

I have had some back problems for several years.  Recently it has become a little more troublesome.  I went to the emergency room twice for shots and then to my doctor for another shot for some relief.  This week I had an MRI and will find out the results in a few weeks.  I have not been able to do my daily 4 mile walk for 6 weeks.  I miss that. Of course none of this is due to old age.  I will be 68 in a few days (12-18) and I mention that because you forgot to send a card last year.   Ha! 

I spoke with Dr. Russell Anderson yesterday and he mentioned that he read in one of my latest books that I was 67.  He is 83 and he laughed and said I was just a young pup.  I like that! In many ways I feel young except when it comes to my lower back and the bone spur on my right heel.  Mrs Gray and I are going to put a sign out titled “THE GRAY NURSING HOME.”


I will be teaching and preaching for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Pastor Keith Bell.  He founded the TEXAS BAPTIST CHURCH in San Antonio a decade ago.  He is running several hundred in Sunday school.   This is an unusual man with an unusual ministry.  He is one of the most exciting young leaders I know.  I thoroughly enjoy my time with these dear people.

There will be a Monday night service at 7 pm.  I would love for you to come and be apart of Monday night’s service.  You can call 210-219-6216 or 210-654-7903 for directions to TEXAS BAPTIST CHURCH.

“TRIAL BY FIRE” and “JACK HYLES-The Communicator”

My two latest books will be available at the meeting along with a full book table of my other books.  There still is time to take advantage of the 50% off of a case of 16 with 8 of each new book in the same case.  Time is running out!  Call 903-576-1307 or 903-237-9019 or email [email protected] or [email protected] and order today.

These are both 384 page hardback books with a beautiful dust jacket containing 33 chapters of thought provoking material.  These are not books of sermons or Bible studies.

Dr. Anderson told me yesterday he is devouring these books and encouraged me to keep writing.   Mrs. Earlyn Stephens, sister of Jack Hyles, said that she loves the books and felt like I was there talking to her as she read the chapters.  Mrs. Beverly Hyles, wife of Jack Hyles, said that she loves the books.


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