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Exodus 10:3, “And Moses and Aaron came in unto Pharaoh, and said unto him, Thus
saith the LORD God of the Hebrews, How long wilt thou refuse to humble thyself
before me? let my people go, that they may serve me.”
Deuteronomy 6:23, “And brought us out from thence, that he
might bring us in, to give us the land which he sware unto our fathers.”
A pastor who was upset with my preaching said to me, “I don’t
have to preach like that because what we believe can be found in our
constitution and not in our church pulpit.” Well what I believe can be
found in the pulpit as well as on paper. Those types of preachers are basically
cowards. They are what I call silent disciples!
 I like Moses! Exodus 10:24-26, “And Pharaoh called Moses, and said, Go ye, serve the LORD; only let
your flocks and your herds be stayed: let your little ones also go with you.
And Moses said, Thou must give us also sacrifices and burnt offerings, that we
may sacrifice unto the LORD our God. Our cattle also shall go with us; there
shall not an hoof be left behind; for thereof must we take to serve the LORD
our God; and we know not with what we must serve the LORD, until we come

Pharaoh said to Moses,
“Ok go, but don’t take the animals.” At first thought that doesn’t sound so bad
but that would have meant they would have nothing to sacrifice. They would have
had a bloodless belief.
God had called Moses to go to Pharaoh and then lead the
children of God from the land of Egypt. Then across the wilderness to the Promised
Land. Moses went before Pharaoh and said, “God sent me to tell you to let my
people go.” Moses did not say, “If you are so disposed would you let the
beloved brethren depart from this land.” No, he said, “Let my people go.” Pharaoh
refused! I will not go into the entire story about the plagues that God sent
upon Egypt, but they were real!
However, after a series of plagues Pharaoh said to Moses
first to, “Go ahead and keep your religion, but I want you to stay in Egypt and practice it here. Sacrifice in the land of Egypt.” Moses said, “No because you
would stone us to death if we did.” Moses said, “No, we’ll not worship our God
in Egypt.”
Pharaoh refused and God sent more plagues and Pharaoh said,
“Ok Moses. Go ahead and leave Egypt to serve God, but don’t go very far from
Egypt.” In other words stay close to Egypt. Moses said to Pharaoh, “No! We are
going to go three days journey. Not only are we not going to stay in Egypt we
are not going to hang around Egypt either.”
After a struggle and more plagues
Pharaoh said, “Ok, ok! Moses leave the land if you must, then go three days journey.  However, it’s dangerous out there, so leave the women and the children here in Egypt.
Just take the men.” Moses said, “No way Jose!” I think that is what he said in the originals? He
told Pharaoh that not only were they going to leave the land, but they were also
going as far away as possible taking the wives and children with them
Pharaoh comes back again and says, “Ok, ok! Moses leave the
land, take your wives, take your children, and go far away, but let your flock
and herds stay here in Egypt.” In other words leave your wealth here in Egypt.
Leave your possessions here in Egypt. Then Moses said, “Mr. Pharaoh, we are
going to leave the land of Egypt, we are not going to hang around, we are
taking our wives, we are taking our children, and we are taking our cattle and
our flocks. In fact, not one hoof will sat in Egypt. WOW! What a one sided
negotiation that was!

Get this! Satan has not changed one bit. There are still
Pharaoh’s in this day and time that we live in! The cry still is, “Let my
people go!” Satan still says to God’s people, “Worship God, but do it in Egypt!
Stay in the world and worship God! Be spiritually minded on the inside and
don’t worry about the outside! Live in the world, dress like the world, talk
like the world, and sing like the world but don’t give the outward appearance
of being fanatical. This is post-modernism, emerging church, or cultural acclimatization. 
Sorry Mr. Pharaoh, “Let my people go” is still the call of
the day for true disciples of God.  His people are a peculiar people, a chosen people, and a royal
priesthood. “This world is not my home I’m just a passing through. My treasures
are laid up somewhere beyond the blue. The angels beckon me from heaven’s
golden shore and I don’t feel at home in this world anymore.”
In America today you have giant charismatic churches, emerging churches, and Rick Warren wannabes where
the choir has become a “worship team” looking like the heathen world. They act like it and sing like it. The
bands on their platforms are just like the world’s bands. The women wear their
pants, their shorts, and their mini-skirts while the men wear earrings, necklaces
and all together praise God. This world has dictated their lifestyle and not
Heaven! This cultural war has invaded the local church.  First with a “Contemporary” hour tacked on later is a “Traditional Service.”
The pharaoh’s of this world say, “Use Egypt! Avoid dogmatism,
avoid division, avoid separation from the world, use Egypt’s music, have
contemporary worship services, have worldly bands, and please most of all have
unity.” Today’s pharaoh’s say, “It’s ok to drink in moderation.” If your
talking about coca-cola that is ok! Today’s pharaoh’s say, “You’ll not have an
appeal to this world if you don’t use the world to appeal to the world. Stay in
Egypt while you worship God! Mark my word it will not be long until four letter vulgar words will appear in the music on church platforms.
Ladies and gentlemen, God still says, “Touch not the unclean
thing.” God still says, “Come out from among them and be ye separate saith the
Lord.” That’s God’s plan and certainly not pharaoh’s plan. The truth is you
must come out before you can go into the victorious Christian life. This has
nothing to do with salvation of the soul but it does have to do with the
salvation of the life. 
The command to come from among the world and be separate
from the world while we are in the world is still Biblical. Often on a plane
the man next to me will ask what do you do for living? What kind of a business
are you in? I could say educator. I could say author. I could say lecturer, I
could say consultant, but I say, “I’m a Baptist preacher.” Sometimes they will
say, “Why I’m a Christian myself” as they order some liquor. That is a
picture of modern Christianity which is nothing more than God’s people worshipping God in Egypt.
Born again people drinking cocktails, wearing shorts, listening
to ungodly music, using religious rock, and inviting the world into church is
worshipping God in Egypt. Born again people going to Hollywood movies where
nudity, cursing, humans acting like animals, and the merciless senseless
violence is worshipping God in Egypt. Born again people lying on the beach in
the summertime in their underwear is worshipping God in Egypt. 
The truth is you
can’t tell the difference any more between the world and God’s people. Today’s
Pharaoh’s say, “Ok, be religious, but stay in Egypt.  However, the Bible says,the Come out from among them…” and “Touch not the unclean thing…” and “Be ye holy as I am
and “Be a holy and peculiar people…” and “Be ye separate saith the
and “Love not the world.” Some man of God ought to mount his pulpit and
say to today’s Pharaoh’s, “Let my people go.” We need modern Moses’ to lead
God’s people out of Egypt into the victorious Christian life. You must come out
in order to go in!
This has nothing to do with salvation, but everything to do with service! We must choose the power of God through the fullness of the Holy Spirit or the power of the world through the fullness of the flesh.
God told Moses as they traveled through Edom to arrive at the
Promised Land to stay on the highway. He told Moses to not meddle with the
Edomites. He told him to be honest, courteous, but don’t meddle. The word
“meddle” could be defined as “pleasure.” Don’t seek your pleasure among the
Edomites. The world is getting worse not better. 
There was a time in our nation
when your child could play little league, or soccer, or football, or basketball
in the public schools, but not anymore. The cursing and the bad examples will
completely engulf and create a worldly mindset that you will regret when your children become adults. Stay away from the influence that breeds compromise. We are not
to get our pleasure from this world.
Your local church, your pastor, your Sunday school, your
youth programs, your fellowships, your music, and your activities must remind
people of Heaven not Egypt. If you don’t believe what I am writing then just
look at those who attempted to be a Christian while staying in Egypt. Check out
those who turned on their pastor and left the man of God’s influence. Oh, the stories
of tragedies in just my 42 years of ministry. It really is sad!
Satan says to a pastor, “Ok have your beliefs just don’t go
very far from the world. You don’t want to be called a fanatic. Have the old
hymns and add new choruses led by a worship leader. Use some contemporary
religious rock music. Keep your beliefs just don’t go very far from the world
Have your traditional services, but also provide at a different time a
contemporary service.” The sad truth is that those contemporary services are nothing
more than a second-class amateur hour for rock music in Jesus’ name. It has
turned into an American Idol contest.
Someone says, “But preacher how are we going to reach the
young people?” My job is not to reach the young people. I am commanded to preach and reach with the Gospel EVERY CREATURE. My job as a preacher is
to stay true to the Scriptures and let God reach the young people through faithfulness to God’s word.  My job is to
make sure the King James Bible is the only Scripture that I promote. It is
inspired, inerrant, and preserved. The Gospel songs without a rock beat should
be the only music used in God’s church. The old fashioned standards should be
the only standards for God’s church. Old fashioned leather lunged preaching
ought to be the only kind of preaching in God’s church.
Satan says, “Ok go to the Bible Conferences, but also go to
the Promise Keepers. Ok, go to a fundamental independent Baptist church, but go
to hear Benny Hinn too.” Satan says, “Ok believe that homosexuality, or sodomy,
is sin but don’t preach against it.” God puts sodomy in the same league as
murder, whoremongers, whores, and adulterers. God will have to apologize to
Sodom and Gomorrah if America gets away with her sodomy marriages.
A rebel teen said to me one time in anger, “You’ve become an
old man that’s out of date.” I replied, “Yes, and I’m going to continue to stay
further out of date.” If being in date means using false Bibles, drinking, going to
filthy movies, and acting like barn yard animals then I would just as soon stay out
of date. If being in date means denying the inspiration of the old King James
Bible I will stay out of date.
The same Christianity of the Bible ought to be the
Christianity of every generation. Haircuts on the males are not out of date!
Long hair on the females is not out of date! Dresses worn by ladies is not out
of date. No dresses on the males is not out of date. God said to man of God,
“Go tell Pharaoh to let my people go.”
The Bible knows nothing of a generation gap. Not only are
God’s people supposed to leave Egypt, but also we are to take our children with
us, and if the kids don’t like it, tough! Granddad’s Bible is good enough for
little junior. Grandma’s Bible is good enough for little Harriet. Granddad’s
old time religion is good enough for little Oswald. Grandma’s music is good
enough for little Mary.
Parents ought to refuse to stay in Egypt, hang around Egypt,
or to let the children stay in Egypt. America is in dire need of a parental
revival of leadership in the home. Parents ought to lead their children instead
of being led by their children.
It’s time student’s respected old age, teachers, and staff.
It’s time for the godly adults to be the heroes of young people. It’s time for
Lee Roberson to be more popular than Tiger Woods.
Egypt’s music is rotten. We are facing a rotten Hollywood,
rotten TV programs, rotten magazines, and rotten stars have produced ruined
young people. Why, they are staying in Egypt or hanging around Egypt.
These young Gadarene demoniac stars have captivated the young
people especially our young ladies. Young ladies have become young females with
their provocative dress or lack there of in public. It is shocking how
unashamed young females are in public. Their hairstyles, music, morals, and
lack of respect for themselves, let alone for any one else is destroying not
only them but our nation also.
How about trading the Rolling Stones for the stone that was
rolled away. Let us trade the world’s rock for God’s rock. Let us trade the
singer called The Prince for Jesus the Prince of Peace. Let’s trade Elizabeth
Taylor for Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist. Let’s trade Michael Jordan
for Michael the archangel. Let’s trade Playboy for praying men. Let’s trade the
new morality for the old morality Let’s trade the NIV for the KJB. Let’s trade
situation ethics for Bible ethics. Let’s trade homosexual marriages for
heterosexual marriages. Let’s trade living together before marriage for living
together after marriage. Let’s trade visitation for soul winning. Let’s trade
king Elvis for King Jesus.
We ought to refuse as God’s children to stay in Egypt, to
hang around Egypt, and to leave our children in Egypt.
We live in a crazy world. A world where dogs can’t run loose
but children can? A world where the Methodists and Baptists are ordaining women
and homosexuals into the ministry? A world where only criminals can have guns?
A world where gambling is against the law except if the state or the local
Catholic Church needs money? A world where you can kill an unborn child and not
go to jail yet kill an eagle and go to jail? A world where the
international symbol for male and female for restrooms is with a dress on the
female and pants on the male and nobody obeys it? A world where males are now
wearing earrings? A world with female Senators, Attorney Generals, Governors,
and Secretary of State? A world where Hollywood, CBS, ABC, FOX, WB, and the
cable set our morals? A world where a Jerry Springer can put filth on during
the day on TV?
A world of rap and hip-hop music with filthy four letter words being sung at OUR WHITE HOUSE. We as God’s children ought to refuse to stay in Egypt, hang
around Egypt, or leave our children in Egypt and refuse to leave our
possessions in Egypt. Every dime you spend for ungodly movies and ungodly
magazines or any other ungodly activity is in essence leaving your possessions
in Egypt. I have said for years that there will be more people in Hell because
of a lack of cash than for any other combination of reasons. 
You have to come out before you can go in!

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