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The Sin of Whispering

Romans 1:29 says, “Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness,
covetousness, malicious­ness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity;

Notice how the semi-colon after “malignity” puts “whisperers” in a class of their own. Now all of the conditions
mentioned in verse 29 refer to the mind. When the mind is filled with these
things, notice what happens—you become a whisperer.
Conversely, the Scripture teaches if you do not fill your mind with all of
these things, you will not have to whisper.  Romans 1:30 says, “Backbiters,
haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things,
disobedient to parents….”
Eventually, these
whisperers become “inventors of
evil things.”
Verses 31 and 32 continue describing whisperers, “Without understanding, cove­nantbreakers,
without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of
God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the
same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

According to Romans 2:1, the person who is a
whisperer is only condemning himself or herself. “Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that
judgest: for wherein thou judgest an­other, thou condemnest thyself; for thou
that judgest doest the same things.”
If God says something once, I think I
should pay attention; if God says something twice, all of us should pay
attention. God said that whisperers do the same
thing they judge in others; thus, they are judging themselves because
they are doing the same things.
Look at Romans 2:2, “But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against
them which commit such things.”
God’s judgment
is ac­cording to truth—not according to what we consider truth—but
according to what truth really is. The pro­gression of the whisperer begins
thus: first, he begins to whisper about the very thing he is doing; second, he
actually judges himself. Then God says, “But we are sure that the judgment of God is
according to truth against them which commit such things.”
The final step in the progression of
the whisperer is the judg­ment from God. 
In the Bible, whispering is also called
backbiting, slandering, and swelling. It is the sin of talking about people.
Somebody has said, “Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about
things. Weak minds talk about people.” This is true! There is something in all
of us that is depraved. We like to find something bad—whether true or false—and
we love to spread it. We love to ask, “Did you hear about so-and-so?” The truth
is not the issue at stake here. 
Many things should not be repeated because they are better left
It is time for us to take a serious look at
this matter because many Christians are guilty of whispering. They are guilty
of spreading rumors and gossip. 
They perpetuate things that may be true or not true, but that are better left
We have each developed a method of
categorizing sins into lists of big sins and small sins.  The sin of whispering, or the sin of
inventing evil things, is con­veniently omitted from the list of sins we hate,
but it has caused more heartbreak than many other so-called big sins.  If you say that certain sins are worse
than other sins, you are being duped by Satan to use your so-called lesser sins
to destroy others through whispering campaigns on Internet forums.
Whispering is worse in the sight of God than
drink­ing beer. It is worse in the sight of God than smoking. The whisperer is
more deadly than the prostitute is. 
We would be appalled if someone were to drink a bottle of beer during a church service. We would be devastated if someone were to pour liquor on
the al­tar. However, when we consider all of the damage done in churches
throughout the history of mankind by the sin of whispering—the sin of inventing
evil—the damage far exceeds the damage done by liquor. Whispering is truly the
most deadly sin in churches.
If you were to rob a bank, you will not have
com­mitted a sin equal to slandering the president of that bank. The riches he
possesses are not as valuable as the name he possesses. When you take someone’s
name and smear it through gossip, you are commit­ting a sin that is worse than
robbing a bank.  This is why the
erroneous and slanderous statements on in­famous forums and other gossip websites
on the Internet are some of the most damnable statements a Christian can have
in his home.
It is time we realize that whispering is
sin. It is sin, just as murder is sin. It is sin, just as fornication is sin.
It is sin, just as stealing is sin. It is sin, just as adultery is sin. It is
sin, just as rape is sin. It is SIN. If you fol­low the bloody trail marked by
rape, murder, robbery, and thievery, the trail you find will not be as devastat­ing
as the trail of blood left by the most deadly, damaging, and devastating of all
sins: whispering, in­venting evil things.
The whisperer turns his mouth into a
cesspool. The whisperer speaks softly and wickedly about others; yet in the
meantime, he is crucifying them with nails of serpentine vocabulary on his
cross of slander, be­lieving that he will escape the punishment of his own
deeds. This is the whisperer, the inventor of evil things.
There are whisperers and inventors of evil
things all over America. They ask, “Did you hear?” “I don’t want to say this,
but what do you think about what the preacher said?” “There is something going
around. Did you hear it?” “I’m a deacon, and my job is to get to the bottom of
If you are a deacon, your only job is to get
to the bottom of a potato sack as you feed the widows in need. There is one
pastor for each church. It is not your job to stir up trouble.  The pastor knows what he is doing. Stay
out of his business. People should use common sense and keep their mouths
We are not content until we have secretly
trampled underfoot the reputation of an undeserving victim. Some of you have
united to form Satan’s garbage crew: those who collect garbage at one house and
distribute it to another house. Tomorrow you will re­verse the cycle. You will
go to the second house, get the garbage, and return to the first house to
redistrib­ute the garbage. 
The truth is that the folks who belong to the
garbage crew are usually idle people. Most of them leave their Bible reading
and talk about one man to another man. Most of them leave their prayer time;
instead of talking about man to God, they talk about man to man. Most of them
fail to show up at church when they should, but they never fail to talk about
other people. They do not show up for church-wide soul winning. They do not
show up for ladies’ soul winning.
They love to take a quote and analyze it,
changing it to divide good friends. They take time from soul win­ning to talk.
They take time from prayer to talk. They take time from Bible study to talk.
Gossip occurs when two people talk about something that neither one can do
anything to solve. The truth is that you are destroying yourself!
There are people all over this nation whose
hearts have been broken because of the serpentine vo­cabulary of church crowds.
The demolition squad that Satan organizes in every church in America just keeps
on spreading bad talk. They are scavengers of wrath; they are scavengers and
spreaders of manure.  They love to
take a stink and stir it up; when it is set­tled, they love to stir it up and
add to it, and then stir it up again.
My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,
one day we will answer to Almighty God for every word we speak and every idle
moment we waste. If someone talks to you about another, mark it down, tomorrow
he will talk to the other person about you. All the “Saturday night special”
handguns combined have not destroyed as many people as the whisperers and the
inventors of evil things have destroyed.
If our government wants to outlaw something,
forget the “Saturday night special handgun”; instead outlaw the inventors of
evil things, and shut up the whisperer. The real killer is that which hangs
from the back of your mouth. The tongue is the deadliest of all weap­ons,
especially in the hands of the whisperer and the inventor of evil things.
Serpents have been tamed. Wild animals have
been tamed. Roaring lions have been tamed. Raging ele­phants have been tamed.
Asps have been tamed, but not the tongue of the whisperer, not the tongue of
the inventor of evil things. The only way the tongue will be tamed is if it is
yielded to the Holy Ghost of God. Pay attention, teenager. Pay attention, aged
one. Pay at­tention, college student. Pay attention, ladies. Pay attention,
gentlemen. Whispering is a sin.
We love to preach about the sins of
adultery, forni­cation, stealing, cursing, and embezzlement. I hate all sin.
Sin nailed our Saviour to Calvary. Sin drove Him to the sepulcher. Sin put the
crown of thorns on His head. Sin put the spear in His side. Sin caused the
scourging of the cat-of-nine-tails. Sin hung Him nude before the world as a
public spectacle. You had better watch it.
Liquor has left fewer orphans than the
whisperers and inventors of evil things. No hustler or pimp has ruined as many
reputations as the whisperer and the inventor of evil things. Marijuana has
ruined fewer minds than the whisperer and inventor of evil things. Armed with
their computers and telephones, these scavengers of scum have broken more homes
than harlots have broken. They have diseased more peo­ple than germs have, and
they have crucified more people than the early Roman soldiers crucified. Their
paradise is usually a country village or small town, where they know everybody
and everything. Yet, these whisperers and inventors of evil things migrate like
rodents to the city to do their damage in city neighborhoods, just as they did
in their small towns. They transfer from their small churches to big churches
and never change their methods.
It is always the same. They can see as far
through a keyhole as others can through an open door. They can hear
conversations that were never spoken. They can add things to statements that
were never said. Their telephone wires reach to every house in the
neighborhood. They have no taste for healthy news, only the scraps and peelings
thrown in the backyard garbage can.
They dare criticize the media and the press,
which today are so given to reporting that which is bad and so seldom reports
that which is good. However, the new
reports are like Sunday school literature com­pared to the garbage that comes
from the tongues that dare to set themselves up as the whisperer and inventor
of evil things. Compared to them, the National
is a Gospel tract.
To them, people are simply pincushions into
which they push every sharp thing they have ever heard about them. They circle
every field like buzzards searching for the slightest odor so they can find the
dead carcass.
You will find them holding hammers. You will
find them holding needles. You will find them using trow­els. You will find
them using brooms. You will find them wearing stethoscopes. You will find them
rock­ing infants on their knees. You will find them holding plow handles. You
will find them holding saucepan handles. You will find them holding Bibles in
the Sunday school class. You will find them holding books in the academy
classroom. They are behind office desks. They are behind cashier windows.
Their favorite word is but. “I love him, but…” Their theme is
“Well, he is a good guy, but…” “I like the preacher, but…”  “She is a sweet person, but…” Ladies
and gentlemen, it is time to look at ourselves—not at our neighbor, but
These whisperers would rather watch a
building be torn down than watch one being constructed. They will go miles to
watch a fire, but they will not go across the street to watch construction.
They wreck many friendships. They have wrecked many marriages. They have broken
many homes. They have shattered many dreams. They have destroyed many churches.
They have killed many preachers. They have stolen much virtue. They have ruined
many names. They have broken more friendships than all other evil forces
combined. They are peddlers of thistles. They are inspectors of warts. They are
peddlers of thorns. They are supervisors of boils. They form committees at
street gutters. They attend every mudslinging car­nival they can find.
They are judges who hand down verdicts after
hav­ing heard only one side of the case. No good justice system in the world
passes judgment after hearing the case for the prosecution.  There is not an honest, just judge
alive who would give a verdict after hearing just one side of the case. Yet,
these whisperers, these talebearers, these inventors of evil things, never
allow you to consider the other side. I am talking about the sin of whispering.
An ancient writer once wrote, “The slanderer
and the one who listens should both be hanged; the slan­derer by his tongue and
the hearer by his ear.” There would not be one whisperer if there were no
listener. I contend that the robber who holds the bag into which the stolen
jewels are deposited is just as guilty as the one who stole the jewels.
David Livingston, the famous missionary to
Africa, was almost destroyed by the whisperers, the inven­tors of evil things.
The Apostle Paul was easy prey for these whisperers. His personal appearance
was lacking. He had a thorn in his flesh. He was unmarried and became
vulnerable to all the barbs. Even our Lord was attacked by them. They said that
He was a winebibber. These whisperers said that He was a friend of sinners.
These whisperers said that He ate with publicans and sinners.
The saddest damage of all done by the
whisperer and the inventor of evil is that which they do to them­selves. When
the twilight of evening begins, and the shadows fall around your death pillow,
as the ever­lasting day begins to dawn, you and I will stand before God and the
books will be opened.

be careful little tongue what you say,
be careful little tongue what you say,
the Father up above is looking down in love,
be careful little tongue what you say.
This song should really be sung like this:
be careful big tongue what you say,
be careful big tongue what you say,
the Father up above is looking down in love,
be careful big tongue what you say

There really is no need to talk about truth
that is bad. You have enough good truth to discuss. There is no need for you to
be the one who asks, “Did you hear about So-and-so?” Instead, you should ask,
“Did you hear? Jesus died for sinners. Jesus was born of a virgin. Jesus lived
thirty-three years without any sin. Jesus was crucified for sinners. Jesus was
buried for our sins. Jesus arose from the dead for our sins. Jesus ascended to
Heaven for our sins to intercede for us. Jesus is coming for us saved sinners.
Did you hear the news? Jesus is going to rule and reign for a thousand years.
Did you hear the news? God is good. Salvation is by grace through faith. Did
you hear the news? God cares for His own.”
There are better things to discuss than the
sins of another person.  If all of
the words used on the gossip websites were used for the propagation of the
Gospel of Jesus Christ, we would not have any trouble reaching the world with
the Gospel.
Let ’s talk about Jesus, the King of Kings.
Let’s talk about the Bible. Let’s talk about answered prayers. Let’s talk about
soul winning. Let’s talk about the peo­ple being saved. Let’s talk about the
people being baptized. Let’s talk about the Bible, God’s Word.  Let’s go soul winning. Let’s find that
lost sheep. Let’s find that lost teenager. Let’s find that lost dad. Let’s find
that lost mom. Why can’t we brag on Jesus? Why can’t we say, “Praise the Lord”?
Why can’t we say, “God is good”?

Whether it is the Internet or the telephone,
if you do not hear it or read it, you will not repeat it. There is a God in
Heaven who will judge whisperers using their own words as evidence.

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