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Dr. Bruce Goddard
I was reminded this week end of the ministry of the late Dr. Jack Hyles. The excitement was in the air. People in the church parking lots at 5 am getting ready for the big day. Hundreds were preparing for their big push. Thousands of man hours being expended. This was it! This was what they had been preparing to do for weeks. The people were like little children at Christmas time. They were about to reach thousands with the Gospel. For a minute I thought I was in Hammond, IN, with Dr. Jack Hyles. The excitement was real. The preparation was there. Finally the Big Day has arrived.
I had the honor of teaching and preaching for my friend Dr. Bruce Goddard this week end. The music was soul stirring. The people super excited. Sunday night the building was packed and over flowing. The dear church members for over 40 minutes gave heart stirring testimonies of the day’s results. They were laughing and rejoicing at the same time.
Dr. Goddard started 32 years ago the FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH of Wildomar, CA, in a tent. He and his precious family started knocking on doors giving the Gospel to every one that crossed their path. Each year for 32 years he would have a push for a big day. This is exactly what we did at the LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE for over 3 decades. We both learned from our friend, pastor, and mentor Dr. Jack Hyles.   We both learned the importance of not only weekly emphasis on reaching the lost, but also twice a year giving everything you have to reach literally thousands with the Gospel. 
I was thrilled last night as I listened to the people of FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH give testimonies of their efforts and results from their involvement in this big day push. Many churches have lost their fire. I fear that even when Dr. Hyles was alive and FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Hammond, IN, was running thousands that too many lived vicariously off of his ministry. They would go and visit and see that FBC was healthy and go home to live off of that for another year. FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH of Wildomar did not do so. Their man of God has led them to saturate their area with the Gospel. They have started numerous churches in CA as a result of their soul winning efforts.
As a result they moved on from tents to permanent buildings.  What a gorgeous campus God has given them.  They have a staff to top all staffs led by a man who is not only in love with his people, but vehement about winning the lost to Christ.  The is the complete package!  Oh, not perfect but dead sure a lot better than most.  
This is not a man of God or a church emulating the Emerging Church or Post-modern church movement. There are no changing of the lights in the background during the specials. They do not need the special effects for they have the power of the Holy Spirit obviously working. The altars were packed and people were super excited about being a part of an independent, soul winning, separated, King James Only, pastor-led, Baptist church.
I would suggest that you young men of God get to know Dr. Bruce Goddard. He is as some would say today, “THE REAL DEAL!” Get to know him. Follow his ministry. Call him! Get him to help you! This is exactly the kind of church Dr. Jack Hyles would put his stamp of approval on. California you are a blessed state to have this great church. 
Do not doubt me on this! I have traveled this nation and preached in every state of the union with the exception of North Dakota. This is the closest productive church I have found to what I learned as a young preacher at the feet of Dr. Jack Hyles. Do not let this opportunity to learn from this man of God pass you by! California do not be swayed by the suave personality neb-fundamentalists of your state. Big is not always better, but in this case it is!

Just in case you think you have to compromise in order to get the crowds I would suggest you visit FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH before you believe the ministries who are pulling you young fundamentalists to the left of center.    As the commercial use to say “TRY IT YOU’LL LIKE IT!”

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