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INDEPENDENTBAPTIST.COM publishers are finalizing and proofing the book covers today for “PASSION FOR SOULS” and “JACK HYLES’ PASSION FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL.” They will soon be able to start on the printing! I am excited about these two companion books. They will go hand in hand for pushing the reset button for local churches. 
As soon as the details are finalized I will let you know pricing and delivery. Our printers in MN will be able to drop ship them to you within 3 days after they are printed and boxed. “PASSION FOR SOULS” is a 270 page paperback while “JACK HYLES’ PASSION FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL” is a 232 page paperback book. 
The manuscripts were given to several knowledgable people who said they believe these books will help rediscover the practical Biblical principles which gave us the explosive growth of the 60’s,70’s, and early 80’s. That growth did not need worldly music or compromising doctrine to attract people for it was God who was attracted to the truth being spread by solid local churches. God was not made in our image for we were made in His image. Thus instead of bringing God down to man we ought to bring man up to God. No need for the Emerging church in God’s economy.

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