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240 page book


Dr. Bob Gray II

I am sitting on a plane having just completed your manuscript of PASSION FOR SOULS.  Words are not enough to express how full my heart is right now. I truly believe this is your greatest work ever, because it is the greatest need ever. I cannot wait to get my hands on a completed copy and begin to infuse this thinking into our church. So practical and timely. 

I know you have a busy schedule, but I would love for you to think about teaching a soul-winning class at the church. I have written my quote for the back. I hope it is not too long. I meant every word of it. I Love You Dad. Thanks for reminding me of my highest calling.

I am excited my father has chosen to capture in print the inspiration and information on the subject of Soul Winning. Unfortunately to the casual reader it will appear to be just another book on the subject, however to the Gray family and the members of the two churches my father pastored it will be a walk down memory lane of the many times we saw our father and pastor masterfully win a soul to Christ, pick up that person for church, walk that person down the aisle, inspire that person to follow the Lord in baptism, and then watch that person grow in Christ. 

Among the library of great books written on the subject of Soul Winning,  PASSION FOR SOULS will be the book most read and used. Open it’s pages and go on a journey that will too give you A PASSION FOR SOULS.”

Dr. Scott Gray
“Of all the books that have been written on this subject, you have found the one book that I can guarantee the author has lived 100% throughout his ministry. Thank you, dad, for your great example of having a true Passion for Souls.”

(I did not realize how difficult it is to try to make just one statement when I have so much I would love to say. I’m not sure if that statement is what you wanted, so please let me know if you need anything else. Again, I am excited for this book and I know it is going to help everyone who reads it.)

Love you,

Scott Gray
Senior Pastor 
Liberty Baptist Church
3864 Guess Rd.
Durham, NC 27705
Evangelist John Hamblin
“I’m thrilled that you are holding in your hands right now, this tremendous bound volume, “My Passion For Soul Winning” by my dear friend, Dr. Bob Gray, Sr.

I’ve said, as Andrew was the Apostle of Personal Workers in the days of the early church, Dr. Bob Gray, Sr. is the “Apostle of Personal Workers” in the present church”

Here is a principled fundamentalist, powerful preacher, published author and proficient soul winner, who has not only lead tens of thousands to Christ but also has trained and tutored tens of thousands of personal soul winners.

In this bound volume you will find the drive, desire, duty, determination and demeanor, of one, without question, of the most successful personal soul winners of our day.

Study, soak up and be ready to be stirred up, by these next chapters and pages from one who’s soul truly carries with it 24/7….”A SOUL WINNERS PASSION”!”

Dr. Jeff Fugate
“This book is in my opinion the BEST book I have ever read on the matter of personal soul winning. It is encouraging, instructive, enjoyable and convicting. I recommend this book to new Christians as well as to seasoned soul winners. Thank you Dr. Gray for your example of personal soul winning and for putting your life’s work into this book.”

Dr. Jeffery J. Fugate
Clays Mill Road Baptist Church

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