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The Word ‘Easter’: The King James Bible’s Definition

Dear Fellow Bible Believer,
        Have you ever wondered what the word ‘Easter‘ means? The King James Bible defines its own terms by the context and by its previous usage of either the word or its components. I have written the following essay to demonstrate exactly how the KJB defines ‘Easter.’ 
You will be quite surprised! 
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EASTER: The Bible’s Built-In Definition 
THERE has been a debate for hundreds of years about the etymology (history and origin) of the word ‘Easter,’ as used in Acts 12:4 in the King James Bible. The very old books include both meanings, the pagan one and the Biblical one, which I think is correct. This demonstrates that God and his Bible have a genuine word and principle and the devil counterfeits it. The etymological focus for ‘east-er’ or ‘ea-ster’has been on both ‘east’ and ‘star’ (ster or stern in Germanic languages). Let’s look at the genuine origin of ‘east-er’ first:
The Genuine, Then The Counterfeit:
The sun rises in the east; it sets in the west. The reader of the Bible and the natural man, observing his world, arepreconditioned to understand that the word ‘east’ is a reference to the place where the sun rises. 
Jesus Christ is referred to as the “Sun of righteousness.…” Mal. 4:2 says, “But unto you that fear my same shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings:…” The parallel between the Son of God and the sun (Sun) is obvious. The O.T. made it clear that the Sun of righteous would rise from the dead, just as the sun rises in the east in the morning.
Numbers 2:3 refers to the “east…rising of the sun.”
Numbers 24:17 calls Jesus the “Star”:
“I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but not nigh: there shall come a Starout of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel…”
The counterfeiter came along quickly, as in Deut 1:4 we see “A-star-oth” appears. She is the fertility goddess (Astarte, Ishtar, etc.), from which the word ‘Easter’ is sometimes traced.
Her reproductive proclivity is portrayed by the bunny rabbits and eggs. Of course, the pagan counterfeit continues to this day with the focus on bunnies and eggs. 
In Ezek. 8:16 we see an example of the pagan practice, with their “…faces toward the east; and they worshipped the suntoward the east.” Just as there is “another Jesus,” (2 Cor. 11:4) there is ‘another’ Easter or east ‘star.’
But, according to the Bible, the word ‘east’ and ‘star’ (Ea-ster) first related to the resurrection of the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ. Therefore, ‘Easter,’ as seen in the KJB, as well as in the German Luther Bible and English Tyndale Bible (1500s), is a perfectly good word, identifying the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just dump the eggs and bunnies.
I examined all the usages of the word ‘east’ in the O.T.. In the surrounding contexts there are reference to the sun (Son) rising and numerous prophetic statements about Jesus rising from the dead. The sunset pictures the red blood of Christ, as itcovers the earth and as he goes down to the lower parts of the earth. The dark nightpictures the burial of Christ. 
The sunrise, of course, pictures hisglorious resurrection. (Remember that in the Bible, “And the evening and the morning were the first day” (Gen. 1:5). Theevening, that is, the sunset or death of Christ, comes first; the resurrection, that is, the ‘day’ and the ‘Son’ rise, occurs second.
Look in the Bible for the words “sun,” “shine,” “rise,” “east,” “eastern,” and “risen” for many more pictures of the resurrection. Observe the following sample verses, which pre-condition the reader tounderstand the word ‘Easter’ and point, as “shadows,” to the resurrection of Christ. The reader of the Bible will not be preconditioned, through Bible reading, to understand the word ‘Easter’ as a pagan word.
Gen. 2:8,9 “And the LORDGod…eastward…out of the ground…the LORD God.”
Gen. 2:14 “east…fourth” (like unto the Son of God)
Rev. 20:8 “four quarters of the earth,” Deut 22:12 “four quarters of thy vesture,” 1 Chron. 9:24 “four quarters, east, west, north, and south,” etc.
Numbers 2:3 “east…rising of the sun
Josh. 12:1; Isa. 59:19,20 “the rising of the sun…the Redeemer”
Isa. 60:1-3 “Arise, shine; for thy light…the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee…the Lord shall arise upon thee…thy light…to the brightness of thy rising…”
Ezek. 44 et al. “looketh toward the east…This gate shall be shut…it is the Lord, the God of Israel hath entered by it.”
Ezek 43:4 “The glory of the Lord came into the house by the way of the gate whose prospect is toward the east.”
Ezek. 43:20 “four corners” (N,S,E,W)
Ezek. 44:1 “the east”
Ezek. 44:2 “God…hath entered”
Mat. 17:1, 2 “Jesus…as the sun”
Luke 4:40 “Now when the sun was setting…he laid his hands…healed them”
Mark 16:2, 6 “rising of the sun…he is risen 
Ezek. 44-48 “looketh toward the east…the sabbath…the prince…he shall enter…offering…east…go forth…shut the gate [sun set]…four corners of the court…foursquare.”
Ps. 50:1, 2 “rising of the sun…God hath shined…”
Isa. 41:2 “raiseth up the righteous man from the east” (see also verse 41:25)
2 Peter 1:19 “day dawn and the day star arise in your hearts”
Ps. 84:11 “For the LORD God is a sun…”
Ps. 19:4-6 “In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun”
“which as a bridegroom going out…His circuit…”
Not only does the Bible condition its readers to understand ‘Easter’ as coming from the word ‘east,’ but modern usages does likewise. Have you ever heard of a noreaster? It is a storm that comes from the northeast. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina often experiences noreasters.
If someone says the Greek word ‘pascha’ is translated elsewhere in the N.T. aspassover, therefore it must be passover in Acts 12:4, they REALLY are proving that they do not know Greek at all. Many of the Greek words in the Greek New Testament are translated numerous ways in all Bibletranslations.
If the KJB critics had really spent any timestudying Wigram’s or Smith’s Greek Concordances, they would see that many Greek New Testament words are translated using numerous English equivalencies. Pointing out the translation of pascha, as both Easter and passover, proves to them that they are not truestudents of either the Greek or the English Bible. All modern Greek-English dictionaries today define pascha as both Easter and passover. 
Therefore, Acts 12:4 is correct in the KJB.“Hush, you don’t speak Greek,” as Pastor Norris Belcher reminds everyone.
This article is taken from my analysis of the errors in Donald Waite’s Defined King James Bible, where he misdefines ‘Easter’ and  many other words. 
The entire analysis is now on sale below in my analysis, Serious Problems in The Defined King James Bible’s Definitions.
Waite & DBS 
Donald Waite and his Dean Burgon Society have now joined the KJB-bashing renegades and  said in a recent book that the KJB should NOT be called “preserved, original, inspired, inerrant, infallible, perfect, pure…”. Waite is even now saying that those who believe that our King James Bible is still inspired are under the curse ofRevelation 22! 
 Much of the DBS membership fled.  One board member’s resignation letter to Waite stated, for example: “The financial reports were confusing and clearly contradictory…the finances have been “out of wack”…you fill their inboxes with nonsense…you constantly send them irresponsible junk…Because of your emails, I do not know of anyone outside the membership that respects the DBS today. We are considered a group of crackpots.” Another board member’s resignation  letter said, “The financial reports for the past several years have not been in order…I would venture to speculate that what you gave the IRS was NOT the same reports you gave to the DBS at our annual meeting” (letters on file).
THE HERESIES OF D.A. WAITE and the DBS are evident in the margins of Waite’s Defined King James Bible. If the devil cannot get someone to use a corrupt watered-down new version of the Bible, he will get them to ‘define’ KJB words with the very same heretical words he has placed in new versions. Waite’s marginal definitions are replete with new version words and heresies.
  I have done a review of Waite’s Defined King James Bible. It is called, “The Serious Problems of the Defined KJV’s Definitions” and is available on CD-ROM. 
The CD-ROM also examines the problems in David Sorensons multi-volume commentary mis-named Understanding the Bible. Both Sorensons and Waite’s works define words using the same corrupt lexicons that generated the words in the new versions. 
The CD-Rom also includes my research defending the KJB’s use of the word Easter. It is a linguistic and scriptural analysis.
The treatise is 68 pages long.
Kirk DiVietro, took a hit from noted British scholar Dr. Alan O’Reilly,  who has written a complete page-by-page response to DiVietro and the DBS criticism of the inspiration of the KJB. If you have been exposed to DiVietro’s cleaning-up virus, you will be helped by this antidote.

O’Reilly is a retired British professor of chemical engineering. You may have seen him on a recent video documentary filmed in England. You can hear him on past programs of our radio show at https://www.truthevangelism.com.
Nothing gets past O’Reilly’s microscopic and brilliant eye. He documents that  DiVietro’s criticisms of my book Hazardous Materials are based on blatant lies. For example, DiVietro claims I did not document my statement for quote 192. But in his quote DiVietro uses ellipsis (…) to OMIT my extensive footnote and DOCUMENTATION! What unscholarly dishonesty! 
In addition this CD-ROM contains THE COLLECTED WORKS of Dr. Alan O’Reilly. The CD has over 2,000 8.5 by 11 searchable pages – a virtual encyclopedia of KJB information. 
His writings are a superb blend of the spiritual (You will smile, laugh, and be blessed!) and the academic. 
The CD-ROM covers just about every question that has ever been asked about the KJB.
O’Reilly soundly answers the foolish charges of two traitors, D.A. Waite and Kirk DiVietro, who have recently flaunted their denial of the inspiration of the KJB and have impishly impugned the character of those who defend it. 
The CD also includes O’Reilly’s detailed response to Mr. Anti-KJV himself, James White. If you defend the readings in the KJB for very long, you will need O’Reilly’s highly detailed exposure of James White’s feeble scholarship.
Dr. Ruckman included O’Reilly’s book ‘O Biblios’ (included on this CD) on his list of the fifty best books of all time.
 Imagine the scholarly and detailed approach of a Professor of Chemistry at a British University. But the surprising thing is that O’Reilly is one of the sweetest and most spiritual and scripturally-saturated people I have ever know. His writings are a BLESSING.
The CD-ROM entitled, The Collected Works of Dr. Alan O’Reilly, includes the following titles of O’Reilly’s  writings and presentations (over 2,000 pages). 
It includes:
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 1.) D. A. Waite Response: To Donald Waite’s book A Warning!! attacking Hazardous Materials
2.) K. DiVietro Response: To Kirk DiVietro’s book Cleaning-Up Hazardous Materials 

III. AV 1611 Answers to More Bible Critics

1.) KJO James White Review Full Text: Answering James White’s King James Only Controversy 
2.) White’s 7 Errors: James White is wrong seven times in a row, not the AV 1611

 3.) The Old Latin and Waldensian Bibles: Countering the charge that they are from Jerome’s Vulgate 

4.) NKJV Criticisms: Countering NKJV corruptions put forward to ‘improve’ the AV1611

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