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For those of you who love lost sinners let me tell you an amazing story. There are enough “coincidences” as to almost make you believe there is a God in Heaven and He loves Bob Gray.

Yesterday I was scheduled to fly to Corpus Christi, Texas to preach, Thursday and Friday night for a dear friend. A few nights ago my wife and I were watching a segment on a news show about a young lady from South Texas who had been shot and almost killed while her friend was killed. It was a gripping story and we watched with great interest. During the course of the segment it was revealed that she, not known by others, was living as a lesbian relationship with her friend that died from the gun shot.

My wife has been very ill recently and I seriously considered cancelling the meeting to stay home with her. Miraculously when we got up she was feeling much better. I felt the Lord wanted me to go to the engagement, so I went to the airport and caught my flight to Corpus Christi.

I decided that while I was on the plane I would re-read Johnny Nixon’s book, Born That Way After All. As I read I was amazed at the story and the truths he was teaching. My heart was moved for those who have been deceived by Satan.

When I got off the airplane I saw a young lady who looked familiar. She was with an older lady. As I got closer I realized it was the girl from the news segment. I approached them and began a conversation. In the midst of the conversation I discovered they had an interest. Eventually I asked them if they had ever thought about being born again. The mother and daughter agreed to listen to the Gospel and they listened carefully. In just a few moments both mother and daughter bowed their heads and received Jesus Christ as Savior. The mother and daughter hugged me and thanked me. I wrote down their personal information and said goodbye.

When I walked away from them, I did not do what so many say they would do and grill the young lady as to whether or not she would forsake her lesbian lifestyle. Just as Jesus did not grill the lady brought to him caught in the capital crime of committing adultery, I challenged her to go and live her life for Christ and forsake her sin.

When I got in the car with my host for the meeting, where I was to preach, I was surprised to learn that I was mistaken. Somehow in my mind I thought I was to preach Thursday night as well as Friday. I had “accidentally” come a day early. But, it was no accident at all. God purposed for me to watch that news segment, to read that book, to be on that flight, to watch that show, and to meet that mom and daughter.

I hesitate to tell the story because there are those so evil that they would abuse this girl in an attempt to prove to their satisfaction whether or not she is “truly” saved. God help anyone who behaves in that manner, but it would not surprise me if some would. However, I am asking hundreds of my friends to join me in praying for these two new believers. I have already given their information to one who will follow up and try to disciple them. I have no doubt their lives can be transformed because of the Gospel. Would you join me in praying for them? What a testimony of God’s grace they both can be.

I needed that yesterday. The enemy is attacking in every way possible. They are threatening every church where I am scheduled to preach. They are threatening to disrupt their services of several of my preacher friends. They are mocking and harassing me and many of my friends. Graciously, the Lord looked down and said, “Bob I am going to give you a very special blessing today.” You see, the greatest blessing he gives me is whenever he uses me to lead a soul to him. Thank God that He loves us, enough not only to save us, but to use us to bring others to him, no matter what they have done.

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