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I just received word that my new book INTRODUCING JACK HYLES TO A NEW GENERATION will be off the presses in MN by this Friday. I am excited about this book and its’ insight into the man of God that God used to build one of the great ministries of his day.

This is a 320 page hard back book with a beautiful dust jacket. There are 53 chapters and each helping the reader to grasp and put their minds around this man and his ministry. No one has effected fundamentalism with such a great impact as this man of God.

My heart goes out to young men of God who never had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jack Hyles and get to know him on a  ministry basis or a personal basis.  His ministry was astounding to say the least.  

Before there were ever, what we call mega-churches, there were hundreds of independent Baptist churches leading their respective states in the winning of souls as well as building great Sunday schools. This was partly because of PASTORS’ SCHOOL hosted by First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN, led by Dr. Hyles, also his preaching around our great nation.

This book will help those who have a desire to keep alive the cause of soul winning and Sunday school.  No one who knew Dr. Hyles ever doubted his love for his people, the souls of the unsaved, and men of God.

50 % off for churches and bookstores

There are 20 books in a case and they can be drop shipped to your location within a week. The books sell at a retail price of $25 per book. If you order a case you will receive the 20 books for $12.50 per book or $250 per case of 20, plus shipping and handling. This is a 50% savings.

A lot of time, sweat and tears have gone into this book and I know it will help anyone with an honest heart for souls and ministry. If you desire to see a move of God again on our beloved nation it will have to begin in the pulpits of America. This book will help you to understand the heart of this great man of God.

September 25, 1926 to February 6, 2001

Email [email protected] or call 903-237-9019 and order today at this special pre-order rate. God bless you and your labor for souls!

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