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My preacher friends should not be quizzed about my ministry-CALL ME!

I received a call from a pastor friend in TN, and he was concerned  about some things conveyed to him by a mutual friend. The concern was that because of some issues involving me I may be hurting preacher friends who associate with me.  He explained that there were issues being raised in  Q and A sessions about my ministry. The latest being in MN.  My friend asked me how to handle them.  By the way he defended me against false accusations.

Normally I could care less at age 71 after 45 years of ministry what lies are told concerning me, but there are certain people with whom I have great respect that it does bother me.  My preacher friend was inundated with questions concerning me and my ministry.  Let me clear some of those issues up of which I was never asked by those MN preachers.  By the way fellas my number is 903-237-9019. Call me any time.

1) There was a question about my tithes and offerings.  I have NEVER failed to give my tithes and offerings to the churches where our membership was.  In my 71 years of living I have only been a member of 4 churches. I gave tithes and offerings at those churches every week of the world. The truth is I doubt that one single member gave more than I did during my 3 decade tenure at LBT. Since retiring I have given just under 1/4 of a million dollars to LBT. I bleed and died for those dear people and the ministries God led me to start in Longview, TX.

2) Our membership is still at LBT. My wife is bedridden and cannot attend. She is currently suffering from a heart attack and has congestive heart failure.  This is along with 42 other surgeries she has had in the past 35 years.

I will let my life and ministry speak for itself. If I had been unfaithful in any aspect of my life and ministry I would understand the lies.  However…
  • I have 52 years of faithfulness in my marriage, 
  • I have 45 years of faithfulness in ministry, 
  • I have 33 years of faithfulness in pastoring, 
  • I have 33 years of faithfully giving tithes and offering weekly to the two churches I pastored-without being late one time, 
  • I have 29 years of faithfully pastoring LBT and all the ministries God led me to found,
  • I have 33 years of faithfully winning souls, 
  • I have 29 years of bringing souls down the aisle of LBT every week, 
  • I have 33 years of faithfully making sure the bills for all of the ministries were paid on time and even a head of time, and
  • I have 27 years of faithfully leading TBC, and 
  • I have 8 years of faithfully backing LBT since retirement
3) My schedule is such that I am never here. Sometimes my wife needs me to stay home with her, which I am glad to do for my bride. I had hoped to spend the rest of my life home taking care of my ill wife. But that is just not to be. My eternal gratitude goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Ayres for taking care of my wife as well as our house. Also, thanks to Mrs. Denise Dean for being such a big help to Mrs. G.

I think it is just as important for a church to be right with their members as it is for the members to be right with their church.  God will deal with the lies I just want to make sure you dear preacher friends know the truth.

4) IBOC, INDEPENDENT BAPTIST ONLINE COLLEGE, is out of VICTORY BAPTIST TEMPLE of Elyria, OH. Dr. Jeff Smale pastors the church. If you have questions about this he would be glad to clear up any misconception.

I am 71 with 45 years of ministry behind me.  I want to leave something for the generations to come, especially these older men sitting in the pews of our churches around America at this moment. Videos of veteran men of God will be used to teach the next generation of older yet future fundamental leaders. 

These same men who were told it was best for them to stay home will be able to gain from these great men of God.  Also, for generations to come these videos will be priceless. They will be filled with the principles and philosophies that helped built some of the greatest fundamental churches in our history.

All of these classes are recorded for viewing later on as well as decades to come. This means long after I and these other men are in Heaven the Bible principles and philosophies of church building and growth learned at the feet of Dr. Jack Hyles, Dr. Lee Roberson, Dr. Curtis Hutson, Dr. John Rice, Dr. Jack Hudson, and others will not die with these men and myself.  

The vision of IBOC is not to replace other Bible colleges, but to work hand in hand with them. 
  • Our classes can help Bible colleges all over this nation fill the class requirements, which are not in the academic rotation so men can actually graduate on time. 
  • This will help those who started pastoring without finishing their Bible college to finish. 
  • This will help men of God who want post graduate degrees.
  • This will allow Missionary candidates to go on deputation early while finishing up their last year of studies. 
  • This will help hundreds of Missionaries train natives so they will not have to come to America and be ruined by our rotten culture.
  • This will allow Missionaries to train native church members through IBOC with only one payment for the Missionary’s enrollment.
  • It takes years before an American missionary can raise enough money and get ready for the mission field. 
  • Sometimes the wife and family cannot adapt to the foreign cultures and they end up coming back home and leaving the field. IBOC will help curb this.
5) Dr. Johnny Nixon wrote a book entitled “BORN THAT WAY” and in that book he was attempting to help those who never felt it was God’s will that they marry. He had been inundated with questions about this and the attacks on these Christians who were being accused of being homosexual.  He began a ministry of helps. He dealt with it in a fair and Biblical manner.  He does not teach for IBOC.

I defended Johnny after vicious attacks from Steven Anderson a pastor in Tempe, AZ, who is a nut case in my opinion. As a result he went on a campaign against me with video and DVD’s being sent all over the country. Pastors on my schedule were contacted and told them I was for homosexuality. 

I received 190 calls from Anderson cult followers. Those who called me were vulgar and even threatened me physically. Several pastors have cancelled me, but I would take the same stand if I had too again.  

I stood not for Johnny but the truth that anyone, including homosexuals, can be saved.  Steven and others said homosexuals cannot be saved, which is Calvinism, and  I reject that.

I may be assuming that you are aware of all of this when you in reality are not. If so, please forgive me. I just hold our friendship with men of God as special. God bless you and your ministry.

If you really want to know the other side of what you are being told about this preacher then call me 903-237-9019 or email me at [email protected]; but don’t quiz my preacher friends, be man enough to call me or email me. God bless!

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