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There seems to be something in the water with some “2ND GENERATION FUNDAMENTALISTS” What are these back handed criticism in their little Bible conferences of our mentors who built great works . Our mentors had more people in their restrooms than these young pups have listening to them. There seems to be a need to find something wrong in order to make this second generation fundamentalist relevant.  

This is your turn young men to do something great for God. This is not going to be done by slapping at those who preceded you and provided for you a clear path to building great works for God. The sad part is you were not even around when these works were being built. Your perception of what occurred during those days is blinded by your desire to hang your spiritual hat on one or two things to provide a distinction. What a waste of time to subtly attack those whom you did not know. Innuendos will be your undoing in the final analysis. 

How about winning souls, baptizing converts, and building great Sunday schools again. How about strong old time religion preaching. How about separation from the world. How about promoting solid grounding in the faith. How about not being ashamed of being independent Baptists. How about opposing formalism and informalism. How about dressing up for church rather than dressing down for church. How about doing away with the flip flops and the shorts for church. 

How about standing strong on the King James Bible. How about calling out the Rick Warren wannabes in our midst. How about buying more buses and building great Bus Ministries again. How about females dressing in modest dresses Monday through Saturday instead of just Sunday only. How about taking up our heritage instead of knit picking our fore-fathers.  How about old fashioned hymns instead of theses little ditties that have about as much spirituality in them as a Rick Warren song service.

Glean the best and leave the rest. 

I’m Glad to promote my mentors and their ministries. Put me down on that side of the spiritual ledger. In my minds eye I can still see and even sense the power of those churches with powerful teaching and preaching happening on a regular bases.  I never heard a bad lesson or sermon by those great men of God. They were great because God decided to magnify them in the sight of God’s people.  I know what it is like to help fill a 20,000 seat building in Detroit. I know what its like to help fill a 15,000 seat Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. I know what is is like to be a part of 15,000 in an Indianapolis meeting.  I know what is like to be a part of 10,000 in a Columbus, Ohio meeting. 

I know what it is like to see God work in a great way with thousands coming to Christ and being baptized on a regular basis year after year. Most of these young men are seeing one or two here and there coming to Christ.  This should cause them to study the great men of the past not critique the great men of the past in order to justify a lack of power in their own ministries.

God’s power was demonstrated week in and week out with their services. Some of these men were short, some tall, some large, some small, some loud, some soft, some dynamic, some mundane, some educated, some uneducated, but all were filled with the Holy Spirit of God and endued with power from on high. 

When you go to hear preaching and a rock concert breaks out something is wrong. When you have to have a rock n roll religious show in order to draw a crowd you are telling off on your lack of power from God. When you have to have lower standards in order to attract young people you are admitting you have no spiritual power. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Where is the old time moving of God through old time preaching?

Your churches young men are but a shadow of what these great men of God did in their day. You have a form of greatness, but an obvious lacking of greatness.  These great men were all different, but they had one thing in common the power of God was on them. None of them crossed their “t’s” or dotted their “i’s” like each other, but at the end of the day they had scores coming to Christ because of the drawing power of the Holy Ghost.  

Shame on you for belittling the great ministries and great spiritual days in America led by these whom you are slapping at. Oh, you refuse to come and say it directly because you are basically cowards. You place little hints in your little sermonettes in order to prove to those following that you have real courage. The truth is you are exhibiting a child like attitude in an adult body. 

Just because you can grow a beard does not mean you are a real man.  No one is a self-made man and our mentors knew that and were always learning from those who preceded them and then beat out a path of fundamentalism in order to help the next generation. Your problem is it really irks you that you are not THE MAN.  Pride is the sin that caused the fall of Satan and not adultery, drinking alcohol, pornography, etc.  We can learn from our mentors and do more than they did because “greater works” are promised to those who learn from their elders.  However, it will not happen because you discover something wrong about these great men. You do not build your house by tearing down their house.


Re-read their books.   Spend time listening to their sermons. Talk to those who knew them.  Find out why they did what they did by studying them.  Talk to those who lived in that time who are still living for God today. Put soul winning at the top of your daily duties. Build a strong Sunday school program of small intimate classes. Set a goal of baptizing every week. Work at getting your converts into a Sunday school class where they can be cared for by a teacher. Build up your soul winning numbers.  Push three to thrive. Build a solid music program that is traditional and character building. Understand that being casual can lead to being a casualty.  Be a strong preacher on all subjects. Remember there are divine methods as well as a divine message.


  1. Great thought! God used these men and still uses their testimony even today. Thank God for their lives that inspired so many of us young preachers in their day. Thank the Lord for the many souls that they won and caused others to win also. Thank you for this reminder.

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