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Genesis 3:1-4, “Now the serpent was more subtil than any
beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman,
Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”
“And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the
trees of the garden:”
“But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God
hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.”
“And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:”
In verse 1 it says “the serpent
and in verse 3 it says, “God hath said” and in verse 4 it says, “And the
serpent said.”
  Now we see the
battle for man’s soul!
God has made Adam and from his
wounded side he took the rib and made his wife Eve. God had prepared
wonderfully for Adam. God had given Adam and Eve taste and then provided
delicious food for Adam and Eve to eat. 
God never creates an appetite in man
without giving him the fulfillment of that appetite. No matter where around the
world you may go mankind is always talking about a Heaven of some kind or a
supreme being. If God has placed in man a desire for a Heaven. Then God must
provide a Heaven for man to choose to go too.
God had given Adam and Eve sight
while providing beauty for them to see with that sight. God has given them
hearing while providing the singing of the birds for their hearing pleasure.
God had given them love and provide someone to love. God had given them a
desire to love and then gave them his love with the love of a mate also. He had
given to them thirst while providing for them refreshing waters. He had given
them speech while providing someone to whom they could converse.
God provided the sun, moon,
stars, lakes, rivers, streams, the rose, the lilac, the magnolia, the daffodil,
the palm trees, he orange, the apple, the pear, the corn, wheat, barley, the
earth, heavens, and the seas. All of these things God provide for man and by
the way all of these things were there when man arrived on the scene. All of
these preparations God had performed for man. 
God gave man dominion over it
all. God put all things under man’s feet. God made Adam and Eve a little lower than the angels. God gave them fellowship with Himself. All of these things our great God did for man along with many other
I have listed three types of
water, three types of flowers, three types of trees, three types of fruit, and
three of each. God had provided all of these marvelous things for man.
The lion and the bear obeyed man.
The deer and the peacock entertained them. The nightingale serenaded them. It
was a wondrous Eden splendor. All of this God had made just for Adam and Eve.
Every tree was pleasant to their
eyes. Rivers flowed peaceably in verdant valleys. Every sound was a melody.
Every scene was a delight. There was no war to disturb the heart, sickness to
cause the fear of death, no leaf ever withered, no wind ever chilled, no
perspiration ever moistened the brow.
WOW, isn’t God wonderful to man!
All of these things God had prepared for man. There was no profanity to curse
the ear, no weariness, no heat, no sleet storms, no cold, no blossoms were
smitten by a tempest, no withering frost chilled the rose, no sorrow of guilt
clouded the mind, and no need to weep or sigh.
It was wonderful! These were just
some of the preparations God had made and done for man. Please note this
carefully for suddenly another appears. He was attractive but he had done
nothing for man but talk! NOTHING! Not one single thing did he do for man! He
was just attractive and that was all. He had not done one single thing for man.
Adam and Eve now find themselves having to choose. They have a choice of whom
to listen too and follow.
Genesis 1:1-4 it says, “the
serpent said,”
then it says, “And God said…” Once again we see where it records
again “the serpent said…” with a follow up of “God said.”

Man has a choice to believe the
one who has done nothing for them or the one who had done everything for them.
One who had not given them one bit of enjoyment or pleasure verses the One Who
had provided the sun, the moon, the stars, the fruit, the vegetables, the
lakes, the hills, the mountains, and all of these wonderful things that man
enjoys. God did all of this for the pleasure of man and all of them under
man’s feet. The great Omnipotent, Eternal God had done every thing for
Then enter this attractive
personage who had done nothing for man. They choose to believe and obey the one
who had done not one blooming’ thing! All he has is his attractiveness! Adam
and Eve what is your answer to whom you will follow?
They chose the one who had never
given them a drop of water, or air to breathe, or the sun by day, or the moon by
night, or the stars to light the sky. They chose the one who had never done one
single thing over the one who had done everything for them. This is
unbelievable, unthinkable, and irrational.
It has been 6,000 years since
that day and not much has been changed. The same thing happens in the homes of
America every day.
A woman can suffer for nine
months, enter into the jaws of death for you, travail to give life, clean your
house for a life-time, wash your clothes, iron your clothes, cook your meals,
can feed you from her own breasts, feed you when you could not feed yourself,
teach you to eat, buy your clothes, change your dirty diapers, bathe your body,
carry you in her arms, teach you how to walk, teach you how to talk, sit by
your bed side, feel your fevered brow, and give you medicine to keep you alive. 
That woman can teach you how to bathe yourself, shop for your groceries, and
you believe in someone who has done nothing for you over that mother who has
done everything for you? Ridiculous!
Perhaps an attractive professor
whose done nothing for you and you will believe him before you will believe
your own mother? Perhaps another young person whose done nothing for you, but
just because they are attractive you will follow them before you will believe
and follow your own mother. Maybe it’s a pretty face or a pretty form? Perhaps
it’s a handsome or a big physique and you will choose to follow some young peer
before you will believe your own mother?
It just does not make sense to
me. It doesn’t make sense that man would be the recipient of all that God had
done for him and then follow a dirty creature like the devil just because he is
attractive. The devil has done nothing for man! It does not make sense for
young people to follow a bunch of children who have done nothing for them while
turning their back on their mothers who have done everything for you!
6,000 years has passed and not
much has changed. A man suffers for a lifetime providing food, working to make
the house payments, pay your utility bills, light bills, heat bills, water
bills, work hard to buy food for you to eat, the bed in which you sleep, the
chair in which you seat, the table where you eat, the lamp that gives you
light, the tub in which you bathe, the water you drink, the tuition that sends
you to school, the car that transports you, gasoline that fuels that car, the
roof that keeps you dry, the cabinet that holds your food, the food in the
cabinet, and the refrigerator that keeps the food fresh.
By the time a child is 15 years
of age their dad has gotten up 3,150 times to go to work to keep their houses,
clothes, food, and yet that young person can choose to turn their backs on
their own dad whom they begin to call the old man then on top of that choose
someone who has done nothing for them all because this someone is attractive!
Please tell me what a liberal
Baptist preacher has ever done for you? Please tell me what the liberal
independent Baptist preacher who denies preserved inspiration of the King James
Bible for the English speaking peoples has done for you other than being very
Would you please tell me what the
bartender has ever done for you? Would you please tell me what the rebel at
school has ever done for you? Would someone please tell me what the rock star
has ever done for you? Would someone please tell me what the Hollywood Charlie
Sheen’s, whores, and whoremongers have ever done for you? Would someone please
tell me what the young temptress has ever done for you? 
Would someone please
tell me what the young lose boy has ever done for you? Would someone please
tell me what the worldly neighbor kids have ever done for you? Would someone
please tell me what the dope peddler, worldly hero, Michael Jackson’s, famous
athletes, schoolmates, boyfriend, or girlfriend, the rebel, rebel-bleached
blonde, or the mini-skirt wearer female has ever done for you?
It just does not make sense for
Adam and Eve to be the recipients of all that God had made, all of God’s
preparations, and here comes a suave, tempting, attractive, well spoken
personage, then turn their back on God, and follow the attractive one. However,
it makes as much sense as it does for you to believe someone who’s never done
anything for you instead of your mom and dad. 
It bothers me when we send our
young people off to a college believing and trusting that they believe as we do
at home then all of a sudden we find out the pastor there does not believe the
same. All of sudden he says the King James Bible does not have preserved
inspiration! WHAT? Where did this come from? Then because he wears $ 1,000
suits, sparkling cuff lings, Jesse Jackson tie bar, an orator, and has a big
church that all of that attractiveness overwhelms the investment of mom, dad,
and pastor back home!
Please allow me to ask the
question? Would you please tell me how a pastor could give his life for a
lifetime and members flippantly turn their back on their man of God? Let me ask this question please, where did those buildings come from that your church
enjoys? Where did the gymnasium come from that your church uses? Did it just
drop out of the sky? 
Where did all of the ministries come from? Did you just
wake up one day and all of a sudden there they were? Who was used to raise
literally millions of dollars over a lifetime come from? Who was used to keep
the doors of the church open for all of these years?
Who was it that taught literally
thousands of Bible studies for you and your family? Who was the one who
counseled with thousands of people for three decades? Who led you in adding
missionaries to help reach the world with the Gospel? Who was used of God to
lead in the building of your classrooms? Who walked around the ministries
making sure they were kept from deteriorating. 
Who organized the Sunday
schools, wrote Sunday school lessons, oversaw a staff, preached thousands of
sermons, and who was it that kept the work going? Yet, you grow up, being
taught character, work ethics, to dress right, pay your debts, say yes sir or
no sir, cut your hair if you are a male, to dress modestly, to stay pure, and
Then you grow up, marry, then
choose some young attractive pastor, and leave the man who’s given you his
life. You are doing the same thing that Adam and Eve were doing in the Garden
of Eden. If you grow up in your church and receive what your church has given
you then you owe a debt to that church. 
Please forgive me for writing this but
you owe a debt to your pastor, your mom, your dad, your Sunday school teacher,
your school teacher, your principal, your youth director, the deacons, and you
will go somewhere else simply because you want a new start with a pastor who
has done not a solitary thing for you.
How about your youth director who
gives his life for you? He gives his life for you and what do you do you simply
walk away following someone who is more attractive who has done nothing but are
simply more attractive? Young people follow some worldly attractive personality
over a man whose give his life to you as your youth pastor. You end up
following the attractive flashy lights of the world sometimes disguised as a
You who do such things are no
different than Adam and Eve who had received all that God had done and followed
someone who had never done one solitary thing for you.
Adam you
owe a debt
Eve you
owe a debt
Son you
owe a debt
you owe a debt
member you owe a debt
you owe a debt
you owe a debt
member you owe a debt
Hard to believe and understand
how we are so blind to our debts. How about Sunday school teachers who have
loved you? How about the countless others whom have sacrificed for you?
Adam? Eve? Did it ever dawn on
you where that sun came from that are up there in the sky? Did it ever dawn on
you where the river of life came from? Did it ever dawn on you where the tree
of life came from, those peaceful animals, and those stars came from?
Yet, here comes an attractive,
beautiful, suave, and subtle personage who in reality is a dirty, stinking,
thief, and liar! I’m writing to young folks that are attracted to
attractiveness while being deceived into believing someone who has never done a
cotton-picking thing for you. After all that God Almighty has done for you then
you just simply turn your back on God in favor of attractiveness. No student
knows as much as the teacher knows!
The One Who left Heaven and came
to earth. The One Who was born in Bethlehem’s manger of Nazareth. The One who’s
coming was announced to Mary and Joseph. Angels announced the One who’s coming
as they sang to the shepherds watching their flocks by night. The One Who was
here for 33 years away from Heaven. The One Who said goodbye to His Heavenly
Father and for 33 homesick years spent His life on earth.
Foxes have their holes, birds had
their nests, and the Son of man had no place to lay His head. While others
slept on their pillows in their homes the Son of man used the rocks of the
Mount of Olives from a pillow and the Mount for a bed.
Hated by His own generation,
rejected by His own people, excommunicated by His own synagogue, expelled from
His own city, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. Wait a minute! He
could have been in Heaven, being served by 10,000 angels, but He chose to come
to earth to suffer in your place and my place.
After 33 years He was wrongly
indicted, tried, convicted, beaten beyond recognition, nailed to a cross,
dipped his own soul into Hell, paid your penalty, and you follow the devil
simply because he is attractive? Did the devil ever suffer for you? Did he go
to the cross for you? Did he leave Heaven for you? Did he come to earth to die
for you?
What in the world has the devil
ever done for you? The devil has not done one single thing for you except to
try to allure you away from the One Who did everything for you!

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