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Dear Friends,

I wanted to drop you a brief note to let you know how much I appreciate your prayers and your support in 2017. SOLVE CHURCH PROBLEMS has been in existence now for eight years. This ministry has birthed INDEPENDENT BAPTIST ONLINE COLLEGE, IBOC Bookstore, IBOC Publications, INDEPENDENTBAPTIST.COM web site for articles, and started printing THE BAPTIST MAGAZINE again.

In addition I have published my 35th book, INTRODUCING JACK HYLES TO A NEW GENERATION. All of this would not be possible if it were not for you. I have given the remaining years of my life to traveling our nation in hopes of stirring up SOUL WINNING and SUNDAY SCHOOL in our churches while writing books.

I celebrated my 72nd birthday on December 18, 2017. I am more excited than I have ever been for the future of fundamentalism as we knew it. I am determined to fight the fight to keep alive what my mentors and friends have invested in me, my family, and my ministry. No time to compromise now.

This past year we moved SOLVE CHURCH PROBLEMS ministry to IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH of Jacksonville, FL., under Pastor Greg Neal. I have given my books to BEREAN PUBLICATIONS for publishing and printing. This is a growing and thriving church with old time fundamentalism as its DNA.

I have not given up on this great nation. I have seen, tasted, and been a part of a great move of God. Lord being my helper I will continue to push the old time fundamentalism that I became a part of in my early 20’s. I have seen the hand of God on the churches I pastored and they produced a great number of souls.

I flew 190,000 miles plus in 2017 and I have, with a couple exceptions, a full schedule for 2018. Last year the Lord allowed me to win 166 precious souls to Christ with 66 of those following the Lord in baptism. My heart’s desire is to see what I not only saw, but was a part of with the great men of the past. Believe me, it was no fluke. It was the real deal.

Can God do it again? ABSOLUTELY!

Dr. Bob Gray Sr.
Ps. 84:11

PO Box 6216
Longview, TX 75608

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