The Issue Is Not Merely Innocence or Guilt


So many people are missing the point of why I am concerned and attacking what was done in a video recently perpetuated on Facebook. This video sought to destroy a man and a ministry by exposing what one pastor thinks should be done rather than allowing justice to take its course.

This man has set himself up as judge and jury and executioner in a situation over which he has no jurisdiction. His job was simply to report what could possibly have happened in his church in the past then to get out of the way of those in charge. Instead, he decided to play God and tell us all what we should believe is true, even without ALL the facts.

What he did is wrong if the man is innocent. What he did was wrong if the man is guilty. Do not fool yourself, this pastor is not a hero nor is he brave. He is disobedient to Scripture and should be rebuked for the unjust behavior that he has exhibited. This primal reactionary behavior is the wrong example for God’s people.


Let’s make two different assumptions in order to deal with this.


Assumption one is that the man is guilty of all the accusations.
  • If that is the case proper authorities should deal with the matter and justice be carried out by those in that position of authority.
  • Those under whom the man is serving must do their due diligence, without outside influence, to determine what actions should be taken on their part in dealing with this particular man.
  • Restoration should be put into place to salvage this man’s relationship with the Lord as well as to help his family recover from this situation.
  • The rest of us should mind our own business and not talk about that which was done in secret.
Assumption two is that he is innocent of the accusations.
  • Those who have accused him should be openly rebuked according to the Scripture. The man who has sought to destroy him should be judged openly for what he has done to harm this man’s ministry, family, and life.
  • Everyone who has perpetuated these accusations should also be publicly rebuked and judged for their behavior. After all they publicly decided to judge the man therefore they should be publicly judged as well.
  • The fear of God should be placed into all of us not to be careless with accusation.


There is more to this than what’s been said…

What is sad to me is how we are missing the whole point in this situation. We are assuming that those of us who are upset are defending a man. That is not what we are doing. We are defending justice. We are defending biblical principle. Innocence and guilt is not yet determined.

One side has been heard loudly and clearly by that one who has made himself the accuser of the brethren. What we need to do is refuse to support this man’s attempt to be the instrument of justice when it is not his place to be so.┬áTime will unveil and tell so the proper ones in authority can bring justice.

We need to stop accusing and attacking that which we only know from one person and no one else. Be careful my friends, because God is not pleased when we are careless in the way we deal with others and are unjust in our judgmental behavior.