Helping the Fallen

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“The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them.” (Ezekiel 34:4).

May I come to you on behalf of the fallen who need your help! May I ask you a personal question? Have you been used of God to go and bring back a believer to God who was away from God?

Have you yourself observed some one jumping into sin and did you yourself go to them? Instead of kicking them, while they were down, did you reach out to lift them? Did you make an effort to reclaim them? May I ask you another question? Are you for re-gathering the scattered?

This is amazing to me, that in the same church service a brand new convert walks the aisle with us accepting them immediately sight unseen. However, one of our own can come back the same night and because we know what a rascal he or she has been, we do not accept them back!

In Ezekiel 34:4 we have God’s condemnation! He said you have not strengthened the weak. You have not healed that which was sick. You have not bound up that which was broken. You have not brought again that which was driven away. You have not sought that which was lost.

I have been privileged to be in the ministry for forty-nine years and pastored for thirty-three of those years. I have spent the time counseling dear children of God. I have given my best to help them with their burdens. I have attempted to ease their pain. I have salvaged marriages and helped with their rebellious teens.

I counseled on an average of twenty plus people a week in my two pastorates. I have paid rent, tuition, bought clothes, bought food, and wept with those whom God had given me as members. That is what the ministry is all about, more important, that is what being a Christian is all about!

If you have a small circle of people of whom you are acquainted when tragedy comes to them you hurt! Think about the pastor who pastors hundreds and hundreds of people. His life is a vicarious life that demands emotional, spiritual, physical, and monetary strength!

I would hear of heartaches on a daily basis. I lived with tragedy all the time. As a result of that being apart of my life I prayed harder, worked harder, and laughed harder. I may have cut up too much, but it was necessary.

I did my best to keep God’s people on topside! When those dear members would fall away, go away, or driven away I still considered my self to be their pastor. I still loved them, cared for them, prayed for them, and waited for them.

The sad part of the Christian life is when it is someone other than those within our circumference of friendship. We appear to not be affected by their falling away, walking away, or being driven away. The truth is a local church is a family and we should care for the fallen. If it is your teenager that is affected you would want them reclaimed.

When someone doesn’t do right and we are offended by what they did it is so easy to write a scolding anonymous letter. The truth is people who write anonymous letters are cowards! When it is someone not in our sphere we spew condemnation without information. We are so bent on sticking our spiritual noses into areas that are not our jurisdiction which stirs up a mob mentality.

God said we are to heal the broken hearted, gather the scattered, strengthen the weak, bound up the broken, bring back that which was driven away, and seek that which was lost. Never let what they have done cause you to let them remain undone!

Here are two people walking the aisle at the end of a church service. One we know has been a scoundrel. The other we do not know, yet he also has been a scoundrel. The one we do not know is treated like a king. The one we do know is treated like a bum and is shunned. What is wrong with this picture?

God said to strengthen the weak, heal the sick, bound the broken, and gather the scattered. We have no choice! We are to bring that which was driven away and seek that which was lost! Granted, it is tough to do when you know what a bum they have been, but that doesn’t change what God says we are to do.

God has always asked us to do strange things. You are broke and God asks you to give tithes and offerings. You are ambushed and God asks you to turn around and give your enemy a good shot at your chin! Ouch! Your enemy curses you and God says bless them. Your enemy despitefully uses you and God says pray for them.

Hmmmm! A brother sues you for your coat God says go ahead and given him your overcoat too! You are compelled to go one mile, God says volunteer to go the second mile. This just does not make sense to the natural man, but the truth is this is supernatural and spiritual. “This just doesn’t make sense!” No, but it makes a good Christian!