Witty Inventions


“Thus they provoked him to anger with their inventions: and the plague brake in upon them. Thus were they defiled with their own works, and went a whoring with their own inventions.” (Psalm 106:29, 39).

“I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.” (Proverbs 8:12).

God is upset! God is displeased! God is upset with His people because of their witty inventions! In Romans 1:30, it has in the middle of several verses a list of terrible sins. One is the sin of backsliding. Others listed are the sins of fornication, murder, hating God, and one of the sins hidden away in those verses is the sin of “inventors of evil things”.

In Psalm 99:8 the Scripture says, “God took vengeance on their inventions”. In Psalm 106:29 the Scripture says, “They provoked God to anger with their inventions”. In Psalm 106:39 it says, “They went a whoring with their inventions.” Ecclesiastes 7:29 says, “God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions”.

Man for six thousand years has attempted to improve on God, but you cannot improve on God! Man cannot improve on God’s Word, God’s plan, God’s church, God’s message, or God’s methods. However, man has with his own inventions been trying to improve on God.

What were these inventions that God was speaking about? One was the golden calf that Aaron created while Moses was on Mount Sinai. Aaron gathered the people together and the people put their golden earrings and all of the other gold together and melted it to make a mold that was shaped like a calf.

That golden calf was simply there to remind them of the old days when they resided in Egypt and they began to worship that golden calf. God called that so-called sacred golden calf an evil invention.

Another one of man’s evil inventions was the new cart built to transport the Ark of the Covenant when it came back home from the Philistines. The Ark was only supposed to be transported by the hands of men: the Kohathites, one of the three families of the tribe of Levites that were assigned to carry the Ark.

When it came back to the Land of Canaan they put it on that new cart and God said that is one of their evil inventions. God’s people wanted to do it man’s way instead of God’s way. However, may I tell you man’s way cannot be as good as God’s way!

It matters not if it’s a Nashville, Texarkana, Hammond, Lynchburg, or Longview where a false idol is made, or in a carpenter’s shop where a false idol is made, God calls it a wicked invention!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a liberal professor in the Louisville Seminary who says the story of Adam and Eve is a myth or some witch doctor in Africa who carves an image of his gods on a pole because they both are wicked inventions. Man cannot improve on God, His Word, His Church, His menu, or His methods.

Another one of those evil inventions that God talks about is the Brazen Serpent. Please follow carefully! The Serpent was not an evil invention. The Serpent was a gift to His people for a time when they were bitten by the fiery serpents and were dying by the thousands.

God came to Moses and told him to take a piece of brass and beat it into the shape of a serpent. They were to put that serpent on a pole and raise it up high and the people who were bitten could look at it and they would live. “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of man be lifted up. That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.”  (John 3:14-15).

God is making it crystal clear that man is not saved by living a good life, joining a local church, getting baptized, or taking communion. God’s people are saved because they placed their faith in the Son of God who bore their sins on His own body on the cross.

A Jew who refused to look at the Serpent on the pole, but was sincere about not looking still died! He could have done every good deed possible and taken every religious sacrament and still died! The way the Jews could live was by looking up to the Serpent on the pole.

The problem came after this was over when they made that Serpent into an idol. That was one of man’s inventions just as the invention of the golden calf, the new cart for the Ark, and now the invention of worshipping the Serpent.

Another wicked invention of man was with God’s people offering crippled sacrifices to God. God said the Passover Lamb must be a male without blemish. Yet, they would take a lamb with a broken leg and because it was sick or good for nothing anyway they would offer it to God.

When someone today says, “Jesus is not the Son of God. He is just a good man and a good teacher.” They are offering a sick LORD and a sacrifice for sin. God hates man’s inventions! Modern day inventions deal with the very heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God gave us His Word, His Son, His Church, His Holy Spirit, His plan, and His command.

God’s plan of salvation is so simple! It is by grace through faith, plus nothing and minus nothing! However, man says I want to make some inventions to improve on God’s plan. Man says, “I’m sick and tired of the way these so called saved people are living so I’ll not believe they are saved unless they quit all of their sins! Thus I will invent a new definition for repentance!”

The issue for the lost man is not what you are turning from but WHO you are turning too that can pay sins debt! Once the lost man turns to Christ he will never quit repenting until the day he dies. Man invents baptism, taking the Lord’s Supper, or living a good life for salvation and God is upset!

Man attacks the Virgin Birth, blood of Christ, sinless life of Christ, inspiration of the King James Bible, or the inerrancy of God’s Words and God hates man’s inventions. I don’t know about you but I intend to stick with salvation by grace through faith in the shed and applied blood of Jesus Christ. Man has attacked the plan of salvation by smearing the inspiration of the Scriptures, which is a reflection on the sinless life of Christ.

Man’s inventions have included a new Holy Spirit. The Charismatic’s have given us a new theology of unintelligible languages, healings that are undetectable, lengthening of limbs, and losing of ones salvation.

This new invention of health and wealth prosperity has swept the airwaves and yet failed to sweep the lost into an eternal and secure reservation in the Lamb’s Book of Life! Everlasting life and eternal life are still in the Scriptures! Man cannot unborn any thing including a spiritual birth of the soul of a man!

Man’s invention of a new soul winning. When a local church waits for the unsaved to come to them they are ignoring the command to “go”. When we bring God down to man instead of raising man up to God we are inventing a new method that God is not pleased with at all!

When we lure the lost into our local churches with Christian rock concerts and a contemporary style atmosphere we are dismissing the power of the Holy Spirit of God using the Words of God to bring conviction upon a lost and dying world!

Man’s invention of new bibles. I do not belong to the Bible of the month club. This idea that we must go back to the Greek in order to have the preserved inspired Words of God is not putting God in a happy mood. He is upset with man’s invention concerning the very Words of God. Either God’s people have an every word Bible or we do not have a Bible at all!

One of our leading American fundamental Bible Colleges is now relenting to the pressure of the academic world and relinquishing a stand on the infallible, inerrant, preserved, inspired Scriptures for this generation. Psalm 12:6-7 is very plain concerning the fact that God Himself will preserve His inspiration in Scriptures for every generation. To doubt that is to doubt God!

Man’s invention of a new church. This idea that there is a mystical body of Christ is not a sound doctrine. The very word “church” is a word that exalts an “assembly” and the “assembling”.

It is impossible to have an “assembly” that is invisible. The marriage of a bride and a groom is a physical picture of a spiritual truth concerning Jesus Christ and His espoused bride the “church.” However, until the rapture there will not be an “assembly” of churches to produce the “church.”

No need to reinvent the wheel or Bible doctrines.