Questions answered by Dr. Gray

Dr. Gray,

When you came to preach in our church you made a statement that stuck with me and I took it as a challenge.

You said, “This is a good church, but it can be a great church, and even a phenomenal church”.

I want to know, how do we do that? What is my part as the Pastor? How do I challenge my people for that?

Thank you!

1) Personally have a convert baptized every week
2) Keep Sunday School classes small; no more than twenty
3) Divide Sunday School classes up to stay under twenty
4) Enlisting those already soul winning and tithing to be Sunday School teachers
5) The greater the number of small Sunday School classes the greater the impact
6) Teach your Sunday School teachers how to pastor their people
7) Dr. Hyles in the early 70’s had 800 Sunday School classes running twenty plus in each class; that’s 16,000
8) Holy Ghost Power – Beg for His power early in the morning and late at night
9) Let sermons be born of the needs of your members
10) Fast and pray regularly
11) Let major issues be covered in lengthy Wednesday night Bible study series
12) Teach doctrine and then practical Christian living and then back to doctrine, etc.
13) Build based on your Wednesday night crowd not Sunday
14) Build Sunday School space then auditorium then back to Sunday School then back to auditorium
15) Live on 80% of your budget