My Mama Who is 97!

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I was able to take some time this week to make a 10 hour drive to Murfreesboro, TN., to visit my 97 year old Mama. She lives with my younger brother Jerry and his dear wife Ronnie. They are doing a spectacular job of caring for Mama. It is not easy but they make it look easy. My older sister’s husband, Bobby, has has several strokes and Faye Laverne works all the time to take care of the family. My dear wife, Lee Ann, is home-bound and we are unable to care for Mama but Jerry and Ronnie love Mama and take very special care of her. Mama has a problem with short term memory, but unfortunately her long term memory is TOO good. Of course, I was the perfect child in the family! It was my older sister and brothers who were in trouble all of the time. Love my Mama!

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