Pastor Charles Hamilton and Family

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I had the honor of preaching for one of our Texas Baptist College preachers this past week end. Pastor Charles Hamilton is pastor of the Grace Baptist Church of Cedar Grove, NC. We had great services and the altars were full. I have known this dear family for over 20 years and it was good to be able to fellowship with them once again. Pastor Hamilton started with 16 just a few years ago and now they are running in the 80’s on Sundays. Only God knows where their church is located but that is all that is necessary. They are reaching folks in the country that would never be reached with the Gospel if it were not for this fine man of God. To my far right are Leslie, Annette, Pastor, and Chase. Leslie was 2 when I first met the Hamiltons. Chase was born in Texas. He is a real Texan and he is going to graduate next year and he is going to enroll in Texas Baptist College like his father did! Where else would he go? Ha! Leslie is graduating from brand X Bible College (ha) this January and is a fine young lady. They have one other daughter, Emily, who is married to a young man who is planning on being a missionary. Gotta love serving the Lord! Somebody say amen!

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