Ray Adams

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Ray and myself were inseparable through out grade school, junior high, and high-school. We were team mates on the 1962-3 Galesburg-Augusta football team. We were undefeated and had only one touchdown scored on us all season. We were inducted together with the other team mates into the 2010 Athletic Hall of Fame for Galesburg-Augusta High-School. Our football team was number one in the state of Michigan for Class C schools. We played baseball, tennis, and football together. I was always at his house and likewise he was at mine all the time. I remember in the summertime getting up early in the morning and riding my bike to his house and we would play all day. However, when night time came we both had better be at home. It was a different world. It was like living in Mayberry, USA. Yes, we also had a Barney Fife! Ha!

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