Manuel Mirda and Hilario Ecohva

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I flew into Los Angeles, Ca., Saturday and was met by Pastor Jerry Cook. He pastors the Freedom’s Way Baptist Church of Santa Clarita, Ca. He started this church 7 years ago and is doing a fabulous work for the Lord. I met Pastor Cook last year when I preached for Pastor Nathan Cook of Riverside, Ca. They are of no relation other than through Christ. God allowed me to lead 3 souls to Christ this week end. Manuel and Hilario came to church with me. There are people every where! This is a solid fundamental independent Baptist Church. By the way, they also believe in the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible. Some may call it “foolish” but they will not when they face Jesus! Don’t meddle with the Bible. One so-called leader in fundamentalism stated in New York that there were 22,000 errors in the King James Bible. If he is a leader I wonder where he is leading too?

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