Easter Sunday Week End

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On March 1, 2009, I retired and the church voted with a 96 % vote to call my son Dr. Bob Gray II as pastor of the Longview Baptist Temple. This past year has been a wonderful year for LBT. I am extremely pleased and happy with the transition. Dr. Bob II has done a marvelous job of leading LBT to continue the soul winning and growth of her people. In fact I believe he is one of the best Bible teachers in America. His Wednesday night Bible studies are wonderful.
This past weekend was LBT’s Annual Pentecost Campaign. It is scheduled each year in conjunction with Easter weekend. The soul winners were every where winning souls. They announced Sunday night the results for the Pentecost Campaign. There were multiple services conducted with tremendous results. 2,028 dear souls prayed to trust Christ as payment for their sins via the personal soul winners out on the streets. This is amazing also; there were 420 professions of faith with 359 of those following the Lord in baptism. Gotta love soul winning!

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