Eating Lunch With Part Of The Family At Olive Garden

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I was up at 6 am. I had my quiet time, fixed breakfast for the little wife, walked 4 miles, came back to eat a light breakfast, and walked another 8 miles! Ouch! I’m tired! Sorry, retired! I then showered and started doing the laundry. I then called the kids to see if they would like to go to lunch. I thought Kim, Karen, and Bob were the ones going to lunch! I did not know that Pastor Bob II had let everyone off including the schools today. SOOOOOO guess what? Here come the in-laws, grandchildren, and Liz Violet (Who is dating my grandson Joe Simmons). I don’t mind the grandchildren you understand! But this was a shock to my wallet!
From right to left-Tim, Karen, Mark, Kim, Liz, Aly, Pa, and Nick. Boy do they ever eat a lot! It was fun up until the check came. Why do they always give me the check? It seems like I would start recovering some of the thousands of dollars spent on these youngins’? Gotta love family!
I am now back at the house. I brought spaghetti, with two meat balls, and a salad to the Mrs. from the Olive Garden for her lunch. I have taken the whites out of the washing machine and placed them in the dryer. I have filled the washing machine again with the colored clothes. A husband’s work is never done and goes on from sun to sun! I am such a good husband! Ha!
Time to work on some more chapters. I have started two new books with one being on FRIENDSHIPS and the other on HEAVEN. If you would like to look at all of the books I have that are available go to and you will be able to view and order from that web site. PARENTING SKILLS and DEALING WITH PERSONAL CONFLICTS are the two top sellers. Great material if I do say so myself! Gotta love serving the Lord.
I will be flying to Jacksonville, Fl., this Saturday and will be there through Tuesday night. I will tell you more about it Saturday. Gotta love airplanes!

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