Francisco Ramon

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I flew into Brownsville, Tx., to preach at the Bethany Baptist Church of Weslaco, Tx. I misled you this morning because I thought I was going to Edinburg, Tx., to preach but alas old age is starting to take over! Ha! It is the same pastor I wrote about this morning just the wrong church.
I preached tonight on “The Path To Successful Personal Soul Winning.” The building was packed with extra chairs being put up.
There was an 11 year old named Francisco Ramon who was skate boarding out in front of the church. He came into the service and I was able to speak to him about being saved. He bowed his head and trusted Jesus Christ as the payment for his sins. I asked him, after he prayed to trust Christ, if Jesus was a liar or was he telling the truth when He promised to save those who called on Him? He got a little upset with me that I would say that I thought Jesus might be a liar. He made it clear to me that Jesus was not a liar. Then I asked him, “If Jesus is not a liar and He promised to save you where are you going now when you die?” He said to Heaven and then smiled! It was like he all of a sudden understood what I was doing! I was 11 when I trusted Christ and this little boy reminded me a whole lot of myself at that age. Gotta love soul winning! By the way there were three saved altogether tonight! Somebody Say Amen!!!!!!

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