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I was up at 6 this morning, had my quiet time, took my car to Lively Olds to have the oil changed, Ciro drove me back to the house, walked 4 miles, fixed breakfast for the little wife, ate a light breakfast, and began work on my new books.
By the way, Ciro is the young man I led to Christ several months ago when he drove me home from Lively Olds & Cadillac. He, his girlfriend, brother, and his girlfriend came to the Wednesday night Bible study last week. AMEN!
Karen, my daughter and employee (Ha), told me today that I now have 19 books published. The latest hard copies are SUFFERING?, SUFFERING FRUITFULLY, and THE DOCTRINES OF SALVATION. Soon to be in print are new books on HEAVEN, JESUS (series), and THE PERSONAL SOUL WINNERS’ MANUEL. Please go to and order some of the books. I believe they will be a blessing and a help to you!
I will be flying to Columbus, Ohio, Saturday to be with Pastor Charles Mainous who pastors the High Street Baptist Church. I was there a year ago and my oh my did we ever have a great Sunday. I still look at the pictures of the line of converts across the altar. It was a great day for the salvation of souls. Thank God for these local churches that care about the souls of men and women.
I went over my New Testament’s list of names that God allowed me to give the Gospel too. So far for the month of May God gave me the honor of leading 19 precious souls to Christ. By the end of each week I make sure that I talk to enough people to average one soul a day to trust Christ. The Lord is so good! God gave me at least one convert a week to follow the Lord in baptism for 29 years straight. My string was broken when I came down with pneumonia several years ago. I was out for 8 weeks and the strange thing was I still had someone down the aisle for the first 3 weeks of my illness. This is what I have always taught in my “Loading the wagon” lecture. Gotta love soul winning!

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