Lila Ilyas and Dawn Myers

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I flew from Longview, Texas, to Dallas, Texas and then on to Indianapolis, Indiana. Pastor Charles Webb met me at the airport and drove me to Anderson, Indiana. He is the pastor of the Anderson Baptist Church. He came to Anderson 5 years ago and is doing a marvelous job of organizing this dear church to win souls. He started with 7 and is running near 300 on Sundays. He is a graduate of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE. The building was full this morning even though it was a Memorial weekend. The spirit is an excellent one. Several raised their hands saying yes they were trusting Jesus Christ to pay for all of their sins. I preached the sermon “Why Do I Still Have My Burdens?”
Last night when I arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in Anderson I was greeted by Lila Ilyas at the front desk. She gave me the key to my room and I asked her if they had a treadmill and she said they did. Then I asked her if she would get on it for me and she laughed. I went up to my room and unpacked. I called the little wife and then dressed in my play clothes for the treadmill. I went back down stairs and asked Lila for the key to the treadmill and joked with a little bit. I walked my 4 miles and then returned the key to her and saw that she a little break from a busy evening, so I gave her one of our church Gospel tracts. I presented the Gospel to her and after going over the Scriptures she bowed her head and asked Christ to pay for all of her sins. AMEN!
This morning I was up at 6:30. I had my quiet time and went down for a light breakfast. I came back to my room and worked on some chapters for some new books. I then showered, dressed, and went down stairs to meet the pastor. The pastor and his son Charlie were in the lobby. I looked and Lila was behind the registration desk and I greeted her. Standing next to her was a lady by the name of Dawn Myers. Dawn works at the motel along with Lila. I introduced my self to Dawn and gave her a Gospel tract. Lila said to Dawn, “This is the man that saved me!” I laughed and she said, “Well technically Jesus did!” I then presented the Gospel to Dawn and in a few minutes she bowed her head and prayed for Christ to be her personal Saviour and to pay for all of her sins. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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