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After preaching last night Pastor Nathan Cook drove me back to the Ayres Motel. I still can’t get over the name of the motel. Mrs. Diana Ayres has been my financial secretary for 30 years and I am starting to believe she has been holding out on me? Ha!
When I arrived back at my room I received a text from my son Scott. He, his family, and the Sons of the Prophets were singing at two churches in the area on Sunday. My grandson Joe Simmons is one of the Sons of the Prophets. He is Mark and Kim Simmons’ son. We did not realize that we would be so close to each other. He then called me and we set up a date for lunch today at noon. We had a great time! Scott, Jenny, Philip, Stephen, and our grandson Joe along with the rest of the Sons of the Prophets came. Pastor and Mrs. Cook along with his parents also came to lunch. We had a great time exchanging stories about Dr. Jack Hyles, Dr. John R. Rice, Dr. Lee Roberson, and Dr. B. R. Lakin.
The Sons of the Prophet sang for the waitress! They did a great job! The pastor asked Scott to preach before me tonight and for the Sons of the Prophets to sing. Scott outdid himself tonight with his sermon! It was great! The Sons of the Prophets, led by our grandson Joe, did a fabulous job of singing. Of course Joe was the best one! Before Scott even gave the invitation people started coming to the altar. God met with us tonight!
Pastor Cook and I this afternoon went to visit Mrs. Ann Opferman’s parents who live just a few miles from the Faith Baptist Church of Riverside, Ca. Ann is married to John Opferman who is a graduate of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE. He pastors in the Santa Rosa, Ca., area. Ann’s dad is saved but her mother is dyed in the wool Catholic. This dear couple are in their 90’s. They were so sweet and we had a great time with them. I introduced myself as Ann and John’s pastor from Longview, Texas. Dad let us in and I meet Mom.
We struck up a good conversation. We laughed and had a wonderful time of fellowship. After about 15 minutes I told these dear folks that I would have to leave and that before I left I wanted to give them a Gospel tract that had my phone number in it. I told them to call me if I could ever be of help to them. I then went through the Scriptures about how to go to Heaven when one dies. I got to the point about the price of sin and Mom said, “I never thought about there being a price on sin!” I carefully went through the Scripture and in a few moments I asked if I could pray with them. I bowed my head and prayed. I then asked Mom if she wanted to trust Christ to pay for her past, present, and future sins to take me by the hand and pray to trust Christ as payment for all of her sins. She took me by the hand and prayed. WOW! What a miracle! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING! Mom sure made her daughter and grandchildren one happy group and believe me it is a large group.

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