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I flew from Minneapolis, MN, where I preached for Pastor Don Noonan, to Chicago and then caught a delayed American Airlines flight to New York where I am preaching under a tent for Pastor Sergio Ali who pastors the Iglelesia Bautisa Fundamental. We arrived late and had to drive for over an hour through some horrible traffic and arrived at the motel about 6 pm. Quick shower, pressed my suit, pressed my shirt, shined my shoes, dressed and off to the tent meeting!
This is my 10th year of preaching for this dear man of God. He is doing a marvelous job of building an aggressive soul winning church. He attended our NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC eleven years ago and came back to Bay Shore and the denominational Baptist church he was pastoring let him know they did not and would not have a soul winning church. They fired him! He then started this church and soon will have a church building completed by this fall that will house hundreds of God’s people. He kept attending the NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC and is employing the things he has learned!
Tonight I preached my sermon “HOW TO KEEP ON GOING” and the people responded to the truth at the invitation time and the altars were full! Pastor Ali has a great nucleus of adults who are workers! I believe they are going to have a big impact for the cause of Christ in this area of New York. GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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